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Making Complex Material Easy: ES99 and ProManage as an App Development Case Study

ProManage is a B2B financial services company that offers a product with a key app that the team had designed themselves. But, the product wasn’t performing as well as they had hoped. Watch this case study video to see how ES99’s app development team was able to turn it into a complete success instead. 

An ES99 App Development Case Study 

ProManage’s understanding of economics is impeccable. But without marketing professionals on staff to conduct audience research, the company had a hard time communicating what clients felt they needed to know or getting customers to come back to their personal investment app. That made clients hesitant to work with ProManage on a regular basis, and the team was in a position of having to decide whether or not to move forward with the app.

That’s where ES99’s app development team came in. We utilized extensive market and consumer research, copywriters who could simply explain complex financial concepts, and UX/UI designers who could make a product attractive, useful, and simple to navigate. And through this, ES99’s experts improved the app’s demo rates, adoption rates, and overall success. Learn more in this ES99 app development case study that you can watch above or download as a pdf.

App Development Is Part of A Full Stack of Marketing Initiatives

We may focus on app development in this ES99 case study, but as a full-service marketing agency, ES99 can also do much more. From paid media video ads to long-form website content like blogs, our wide-ranging expertise, process, and long-term consulting model can work wonders for increasing brand awareness, improving conversions, and helping your organization grow in the ways that matter most to you and your team. 

ES99 always starts with research and insights, uses that information to target our efforts, and checks in with stakeholders from your business every step of the way to ensure that we’re fulfilling your vision and meeting your needs. Want to work with ES99 on app development or any other marketing initiative? Contact us today to explore how we can help you!