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Infographic: What Does a Next-Gen Antivirus Solution Do?

Protecting your business against cyberattacks and preventing data breaches is a top priority in 2021.

Over the last year, we’ve seen hackers take advantage of people’s anxieties over the pandemic and a distinct lack of business security to target and breach companies across the country with great effectiveness.

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As a result, businesses are more frequently identifying cybersecurity as something they need to get a handle on, and legacy security solutions are not up to the task.

This is where solutions like next-gen antivirus play a crucial role. Using machine learning and automation, next-gen platforms are far more adept at recognizing patterns and deviations in normal operating processes that are indicative of malicious activity.

Take a look at this infographic, where we illustrate how next-gen antivirus uses advanced technology to prevent modern cyberattacks.

What Does a Next-Gen Antivirus Solution Do?

A primary objective for any modern organization today is stopping data breaches. Take a look at our free eBook, What Makes a Good Cybersecurity Defense for a Modern SMB?” and see what measures companies should be putting in place to keep their data secure.

Infographic in written form:

NGAV uses machine learning to… 

Detect and prevent malware commonly delivered through techniques like phishing

Spot malicious behavior and tactic, techniques and procedures (TTPs) from unrecognized sources

Perform cloud-based analytics to aggregate and assess data from connected endpoints to determine the cause of attacks

Respond to emerging threats that previously went undetected without the aid of AI

Perform exploit blocking of exploitation as it occurs from attacks that use macros, execution, in-memory and other fileless techniques that are on the rise