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Business Roadmap Quiz: What’s The Right Strategy for You?

A business roadmap helps guide you to improve your business, implement changes, and optimize operations. Making one for your business is important if you want to set and measure company goals. 

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Why Build a Business Roadmap?

Take our Business Roadmap Quiz whether you are unsure how to evolve your business, or if it’s entering a new stage, or you want to ensure a clear path to success. 

A specific roadmap can help you plan for strategies and understand what steps to take to evolve your business. Without one, there can be no clear development and conscious change. 

After you take the quiz, see below it a customized recommendation for an Impact Optimize session, where you could gain specialized skills. Impact Optimize is a business technology summit led by industry experts and leaders. 


We hope you enjoyed our business roadmap quiz. Here are a couple of resources, including your recommended session, to keep you going as you plan your company’s next steps.

Recommendations for Each Business Roadmap

The Holistic Roadmap

For this roadmap, think about what technology you use in your business processes. Could the projects be managed more efficiently? Do you need to add newer tech to facilitate communication and even manage documents? 

For this map, we recommend How Smart Organizations Are Rethinking Innovation, a session with NYT bestselling author Daniel Pink in out Impact Optimize business summit, to learn how to build a business culture of innovation and purpose. 

Another important step in your holistic business roadmap should include cybersecurity. All your hard work can be safeguarded by using account management, security software, and a network security monitoring services provider.

The Identity Roadmap

For this roadmap, consider also building a detailed buyer persona, creating a company history, or using market research to maximize your customer reach.  

The Impact Optimize business summit session we recommend for this roadmap is How to Stop Gambling with Your Money and Start Marketing, with information on how to get the most ROI for your marketing efforts. 

Finally, implement your new image into your online presence and content so your clients understand who you are, and what you can do for them. 

The Innovation Roadmap

Implementing newer technology can help you cut the time of your work processes, keep your documents organized, and increase revenue. Add this step to your plan as well. 

We recommend Realistic Expectations for the Future of Work in the Age of Automation, an Impact Optimize session about the future of business technology.  

Consider also looking for a project management platform so that your employees can easily focus on the work to be done, and not have to waste time organizing or remembering tasks. 

The Immunity Roadmap

Plan for a cybersecurity program that takes into consideration your business size, industry, and needs. Consider using technology tools and employee training to proactively stay safe. 

For you, we recommend How Business Growth Affects Cybersecurity & Compliance to learn how to avoid wasting funds while staying safe. 

The Maverick Roadmap

If you are on this roadmap, you are already a business leader. Consider the following questions: Is there a software that could make project management more efficient? Is the industry you belong to prone to cyberattacks? How is your audience changing? 

To learn more about how to leverage technology to grow your business, check out the video On the Subject of: Modern Technology in the Business World, a discussion by industry experts on the best tools for your organization.