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Service Technicians Go for Gold at the Annual Impact Service Olympics

20 years ago, Impact began as a four-man team based in Waukegan, IL, dealing copiers out of a basement to local businesses.

From our very first customer to the 14,000 we support today, ensuring the best quality service has always been our top priority.

This is why we hold the annual Impact Service Olympics, to give our service technicians the opportunity to demonstrate their skills to the whole company.

Impact created the Service Olympics to bring together our teams for friendly competition and recognition. The competitions are industry-related, real-world service situations designed to test every skill needed to succeed as a service technician. Our primary sponsor for 2019 was Kyocera, as part of our rotating sponsorship which will see Konica as our primary sponsors for 2020.

We flew in our technicians from each of our 18 branches across the country for the 5th annual Service Olympics, from Lake Forest to Los Angeles, to battle it out in friendly internal competition on November 8th.

It’s not all fun and games, though! There’s a reason Impact has such a strong reputation among clients: our service teams are second-to-none, trained and certified to the highest standards.

“You don’t get to see all the [other] branches … Besides the quarterly meetings, we have this event … [which allows] us to get together and compete against ourselves.”

Joe Yglecias, Northern Field Service Manager

This is a great opportunity for them to show off their skills and abilities to the whole company!

We returned once again to Joe’s Live in Rosemont, IL for the Service Olympics in 2019.

84 technicians competed in a variety of disciplines, like network and hardware troubleshooting; part removal; diagnostics; technical knowledge tests; and team communication tasks.

This year, we hosted more vendors than ever, with representatives from our main sponsor Kyocera, as well as Konica, HP, Ricoh, and Hytec Board Repair.

Our technical tests were designed to examine everything that a service technician can expect to encounter in the field, testing competency in:

  • Product knowledge
  • Technical skills
  • Teamwork
  • Resource usage
  • Speed
  • Communication
  • Working under pressure

It’s important to Impact that we encourage an environment where technical excellence and knowledge are an integral part of what makes our service teams unique.

This culture is one of the reasons we’ve managed to achieve an overall NPS score of 90.5 and our service teams average a response time of under two hours—two things that we take enormous pride in.

“The Service Olympics allows us to get all Impact’s technicians under one roof to collaborate, compete, and socialize. It’s a great chance to get a company-wide view of the great work our service technicians do.”

 Gary Warner, Service Operations Manager

Throughout the day, we gave away prizes like smartwatches, Beats headphones, Apple TVs, TVs, drones, bikes, and even electric scooters.

Technicians blew off steam in our money booth and, of course, enjoyed a drink or two afterwards.

The Service Olympics isn’t just about the day itself, but celebrating the achievements of all our staff. Impact employees have collectively garnered 243 accolades so far in 2019, and our service technicians have an NPS average tech rating of 96.8, better than Apple, Cisco, and Dropbox.

Here are the awards presented by vendors for Impact and our technicians:

  • Kyocera Customer Service Solutions
  • Kyocera Premier Dealer
  • Konica Gold and Silver Seal Training
  • Konica 2019 Protech
  • Konica Tech of the Month
  • Ricoh Prestige certification
  • Ricoh Circle of Excellence

“We perform at high levels every day, so what I can say is I see a great service organization that’s proud of what they do, and it feels great to be with a great company that does that.”

Jeffrey Ford, Vice President, Client Experience

Congratulations again to our winning team from the Chicago Loop branch, the Chi-Town Rollers, winning for the second year in a row!

Impact Networking is one of the leading independent managed service providers in the country. With over 700 employees in locations across the country, we have built up our expertise over 20 years of success. The Service Olympics represents the strong commitment we have to our own, and we’re proud of everyone who made this year’s edition a success.