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Implement Business Efficiency During the Busiest Month of the Year

December is here and it’s officially the busiest time of the year! Through the end of 2018, businesses will be working to get everything closed out – balance checkbooks, prepare any necessary tax documents, close outstanding deals, etc. Many of these tasks require a heavy lift from staff in the finance, HR, legal and admin departments. The processes to compile documents and pull reports is usually manual and can be incredibly time consuming. With December being a short month and known for being busy, businesses need to stop wasting time and take control of their processes to achieve business efficiency.

How efficient is your business?

Business efficiency is a current buzzword that describes the process of making sure every aspect of your company – sales, finance, marketing – is running at peak effectiveness. Unorganized, out-of-date processes open the door for inconsistencies to take up valuable time your employees could be spending on high pay-off tasks. These processes are not only boring for employees, but they can drive up costs for owners. Companies need to look to backend platforms that can increase business efficiency, eliminate mundane repetitive processes, and ultimately boost revenues. Impact works with two backend platforms, Kofax and Docuware, to deliver customized business solutions to clients.

Companies with repetitive tasks such as data entry and inputting information into various systems should consider using a Robotic Process Automation(RPA) tool, such as Kofax’s Kapow platform. Kofax Kapow allows businesses to automate their workflows by integrating a software robot that can work alongside employees and better assist them in doing their jobs. For example, Kofax Kapow provides opportunities for finance and accounting departments to process incoming purchase orders faster. Using RPA has many benefits including less errors caused by humans, shorter process times and lower costs.

For companies who face being buried in documents before the year is over, a document management system such as Docuware would be an effective solution. Docuware empowers businesses to capture, process and use information in a secure platform. With a document management system in place, companies can be confident that the documents they need to do their jobs will be readily available and easy to find. An example of implementing Docuware to eliminate inefficiencies would be using the software to automate and accelerate the contract management process. A centralized database will make it easy for employees to digitally pull the contracts they need rather than search through stacks of files.

In recent years, platforms and solutions that help to reduce business inefficiencies have become incredibly cost-effective and engineered specifically for the SMB market. Past solutions were at a price point only meant for enterprise-level companies. Now SMBs can take advantage of the advanced solutions on the market, by working with a managed service provider to implement, manage and service the solutions.

Implement Business Efficiency Before the New Year!

Impact’s business solutions experts can leverage a mix of customized technology and software, such as RPA or Docuware, to accomplish tasks in a smart, standard and fast way. Impact’s solutions experts are among the best in the business and have received the highest industry and vendor certifications. As a managed service provider, Impact is a Kofax Platinum Partner and a 10-year Docuware Diamond Club member.  Now with Impact your business can be more efficient and productive across all departments and verticals.