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Big Deal: How Cold Calls Drive Results

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Rick Ray, Wisconsin General Manager and Partner at Impact Networking, shared his perspective on a deal that he and his team closed at a manufacturer of cash automation technology for financial institutions, retail, gaming and the cash in transit (CIT) industry which includes cash centers, bank branches and ATM locations.

How did you find the prospect?

Senior Sales Consultant Jon Antoniewicz found the prospect through cold calling. He spoke with the Director of IT, who later became a DocuWare champion. “Timing is everything,” Rick explained. “The company had another document management solution that they wanted to replace. It was no longer supported and did not have workflow capabilities.”

Who were the decision makers? 

Impact Networking was actively engaged with the vice presidents of finance, IT, and operations and their CFO. They also presented DocuWare to the CEO of the Americas group and executives at the parent company in the UK.

What closed the deal?

“We showed how DocuWare capabilities are a remedy for their business challenges,” Rick said. “You have to be able to determine what may be a nuisance to the user community from actual business challenges that impact customer service and the company’s bottom line. At the end of the day, it is about proper alignment with the key stakeholders of the business and providing a sound solution to the business challenges they are facing. The customer challenges drive what the end solution should look like.”

What business problem did you solve?

“The company’s document management system was only being used as a repository. There was a lot of back and forth and time wasted that has now been eliminated by DocuWare workflow,” Rick said. For example, their Service Billing department handles more than 900 transactions per day. With their previous system, all the resulting documentation was printed out and scanned in. In addition, their Contract Administration department has contracts with up to 1,000 line items that were entered manually. The approval route depends on the type of contract and the contract amount. They also have multiple contract approvers at different locations. DocuWare will now automate the processes in these departments and six others including Accounts Payable, Customer Service and Human Resources.

How will you expand to other departments?

Impact Networking is contracted to implement DocuWare in eight departments in North America. Impact started with 175 DocuWare users and expect to have more than 600 users at the company over the next 12 to 24 months. There are plans to expand the DocuWare implementation to Central and South America and eventually to the company’s UK offices.