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2023 Business Trends | Modern Business Requirements

Discover which trends are coming up in 2023 with this episode of Impact’s Modern Business Requirements. Register for the webinar and prepare for the future now!


4 minutes

Dec 09, 2022

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What You’ll Learn

  • Why more solutions aren’t always better
  • How the business conversation around tech will change in 2023
  • What to look for in your current tech stack
  • How to prove your department’s spend is worth it

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2022 in Review and 2023 Business Trends

What happened in 2022, and how will those trends change in the next year? The expert hosts will explore these ideas, keeping in mind the new innovations coming down the pipeline, the democratization of current tech, and possible recession-changing organizational budgets.

Our speakers come from a broad range of departments, providing a thorough understanding of what the future looks like for everyone:

  • Karlee Travis, Chief Marketing Officer 
  • Frank DeGeorge, Chief Technology Officer 
  • Patrick Layton, Vice President, Managed IT Services 
  • Jon Evans, Vice President, Managed Digital Transformation

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The Modern Business Requirements Series

2023 Business Trends is the fourth episode in the Modern Business Requirements webinar series. It examines what is needed for organizations to thrive and compete for growth in their markets.

By watching each episode, you can have a solid understanding of the current business landscape and how to navigate it most effectively. Previous topics include overcoming the talent shortage, tracking and using data, and the difference between IT security and cybersecurity.

Get a glimpse of what the future of business will look like, and then go back and watch the previous webinars to get a solid foundation in what changes have occurred most recently.

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