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Future Technology Predictions and Changes in BizTech 2022

See Impact’s predictions for the future of business technology and prepare your organization for what’s coming. Watch this video with Impact’s Vice President of Managed IT Services, Patrick Layton, reviewing the changes and trends in the field and how you can make the most of them to stay ahead of competitors. 


Future Business Technology Predictions and Trends 

There are two major topics this video touches on: 

Cloud Technology 

By this point in 2022, most businesses have started to make use of the cloud. But simply “lifting and shifting” your data doesn’t allow you to take full advantage of its full scalable nature or all of the technological possibilities. Layton goes into how to measure the extent to which you’re taking advantage of your cloud solutions, and how to then get the most out of them. 

IT Security 

Advanced cybersecurity is no longer optional for businesses, no matter what size your company is. Learn more about what constitutes effective modern cybersecurity, why a layered approach is a crucial element of that security strategy, and the ways in which it should be baked into every aspect of your day-to-day operational IT in this video. 

Managed IT & Cloud Services at Impact 

At Impact, we don’t just make predictions about the future of business technology. We also help you improve your network now so you’re ready when those predictions come to pass. Together, we’ll form a long-term partnership where Impact specialists implement the hardware and software you need to modernize your network, and then perform proactive maintenance to ensure it stays up and running. 


To learn more about last year’s IT trends, see what’s coming up in 2022 and beyond in business technology, and discover what your organization needs to do to meet evolving customer expectations, watch the full Business Technology Webinar that inspired this video.