Investment Partners Drive New Business with Property Management Marketing Tools and IT Technology

In this case study, find out how Impact Managed Marketing helped Investors Associated distinguish its property management marketing strategy.

Case Study

4 minutes

Oct 02, 2020

As companies grow, so do their offerings. Investors Associated, a commercial and residential property investment company, experienced this kind of organic progression when it started IA Management. This property management brand provides full-service support for the company’s properties and tenants.

Distinguishing each part of the company’s evolving story in the market was a challenge. That’s why Investors Associated turned to Impact Managed Marketing for support with a dedicated property management marketing strategy to drive new business.

Download this case study to find out how Impact helped Investors Associated develop a well-suited marketing strategy and brand, and implement a security-first, standardized approach to IT.

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In addition to property management marketing support, Investors Associated also was seeking to replace their managed IT service provider with a new partner. During our assessment process, Impact’s services teams take stock of our potential new client’s operations and assets. This is an important first step towards proposing a custom solution that helps our partner achieve their goals.

For Investors Associated, the primary goal from an IT perspective was to streamline operations in a secure way that no longer inhibited its growth. The assessment process surfaced some technical and program-based issues that had gone unnoticed.

Missing updates and other gaps in IT infrastructure leave organizations vulnerable to attacks. It also greatly increases the risk of costly downtime. However, gaps in IT infrastructure are very common for growing organizations with their focus placed elsewhere.

Download this case study to see if your organization might have some similar IT gaps. You’ll also learn more about how Impact’s Managed Marketing and IT services came together into a comprehensive solution for Investors Associated.


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