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Industry Insights: Effective Construction Site Management

Join our Industry Insights webinar, Effective Construction Site Management! We’ll explore how on-site management can be more efficient and safer with tech.


4 minutes

Sep 19, 2022

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What You’ll Learn

  • How to empower your mobile workforce to operate efficiently and securely
  • How to avoid cloud sprawl
  • Why having your data in the cloud doesn’t mean you’re compliant with data security regulations
  • What you might need to access large files quickly, anywhere

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About the Effective Construction On-Site Management Webinar

Join Mike Lepper, VP Sales, Southern Illinois/Partner; Marshall Clayton, Sales Manager; and Jon Antoniewicz, Sales Manager for a lively discussion on how contractors and small businesses can use technology to improve construction site management and streamline workflows no matter where your staff is physically.

Explore data governance, what the best cloud solutions are for construction companies, how to ensure your on-site staff always have fast access to the latest version of any file, and cybersecurity on the go.

Plus, when you sign up for the live webinar, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win an Impact-branded Carhartt Rain Defender – an almost $100 value!

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About the Industry Insights Series

Industry Insights is Impact’s webinar series that discusses how the latest innovations in business technology can have specific effects in major industries. Understand the finer points of how you can solve pain points that are unique to your industry by tuning in to every episode!

Some issues to solve for effective construction include:

  • Data transfer to and from the cloud with large files
  • Managing mobile devices on construction sites
  • Keeping your network secure despite using temporary internet connections
  • Ensuring that all of your cloud solutions can communicate with each other so you can avoid cloud-based data silos
  • Staying compliant with data security regulations

Other episodes in this series discuss manufacturing and healthcare, and they occur in tandem with Impact’s industry-agnostic webinar series, Modern Business Requirements.

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