Attract, Engage, Stand Out—Building Effective Marketing Campaigns Webinar

Learn how to take research and data to build effective marketing campaigns that attract your audience now and in the future.


3 minutes

Mar 13, 2023

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What You’ll Learn

  • What goes into creating effective marketing campaigns
  • How to research and data can be distilled into actionable strategies
  • How to use campaign tracking for optimization and sustained success

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What Goes into an Effective Marketing Campaign?

Businesses have more tools than ever before to try to attract and engage their target audiences, so why has it become so difficult for businesses to do so? So much goes into creating a marketing campaign—from research to creative to reporting—it can be difficult to wrap your head around exactly what’s needed to stand out from the crowd.

Join our panel of experts—including Anthony Cucco, Executive Director of Client Solutions; Kevin Meyer, Executive Director of Marketing Strategy & Operations; Mike York, Associate Director of Paid Media; and Cooper Colvig, Marketing Strategist—as they discuss the ins and outs of building effective marketing campaigns in today’s world.

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Managed Marketing at Impact

Managed marketing services with Impact brings businesses all the experience and expertise they need to grow their brand, attract their ideal audience, and deliver premium experiences to customers throughout the funnel.  

With a unique mixture of experience and expertise in all disciplines of digital marketing, Impact Managed Marketing is well-positioned to give businesses access to enterprise-level marketing and branding, including effective marketing campaigns.

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