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What Are Managed IT & Cloud Services?

Managed IT (MIT) and cloud services provide the support you need to keep your technology updated, optimized, and running smoothly with help from a reliable team of experts. Businesses use more technology than ever before and juggling it all can be a tall order, especially for organizations with a small (or non-existent) internal IT team.

How Impact’s MIT and Cloud Solutions Help Businesses

See how Impact’s IT and cloud services proactively help businesses implement the necessary technology to stay competitive, keep their IT infrastructure sound, and avoid costly downtime. 

Advantages of IT & Cloud with Impact

  • In-house support and monitoring from our Unified Support Operations center
  • vCIO consulting from experts with years of experience
  • Device management and remote work services so you can operate from anywhere
  • Access to top-of-the-line technology

Managed IT & Cloud Services

Why You Need IT & Cloud Services from Impact

There are few things more harmful to the operations of a business than extended downtime when your team can’t work, access information, or communicate. 

Keep your IT infrastructure performing at its peak capacity with Impact’s managed IT and cloud services. We’ll help to support your company with centralized service from our Unified Support Operations center and regional service centers in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, California, and Texas. Get ongoing assistance, best-in-class hardware and software, and the latest technologies that will elevate your business and empower your employees.

What You Get When Partnering with Impact for IT & Cloud Services

The market for IT products and services is extensive and growing every day. Take away the endless hours of research and guesswork. With Impact, you’ll get the guidance from our team of experts who help you find the right technology right away, so you have exactly what you need to sustainably grow. 

In addition, our team provides monitoring and technical support, ongoing consultation, and dedicated project managers to streamline tasks, projects, and activities across your business.

tools Best-of-breed tools

team A team of certified professionals

Custom budgeting Custom budgeting and payment plans

Employee training Employee training

support 24/7 support

Secure cloud Secure cloud storage

recovery Disaster recovery planning

Mobile workspace Mobile workspace solutions

collaboration tools Productivity and collaboration tools

How does the Managed IT Services work

How Impact’s IT & Cloud Services Help Your Business

Between our comprehensive assessment, system monitoring, strategy-building vCIOs, and the project managers that keep it all on track, Impact’s IT and cloud services support your infrastructure from top to bottom. Reduce downtime, save money, secure your network, grow your business, and remove the stress that comes with managing your company’s technology. 

Our experts can also act as a supplement to an existing internal IT team by providing maintenance, repair, support, and expertise on evolving trends so that your team can focus on growth-oriented tasks.

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Learn how Impact’s Managed IT & Cloud Services can help your business.

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IT & Cloud Solutions

Build out your IT infrastructure, empower your internal IT team and more with services and
technology tailored to your needs.

Mobile Device Management

With remote work and “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies becoming more standard in the workplace, it’s crucial that you can manage, control, and secure laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices using your network.

Backup & Business Continuity

Are you ready for when disaster strikes? Be prepared with a business continuity plan that will get you back up and running quickly after unexpected outages. 

Network Management

Impact’s Managed IT experts bring the skills needed to effectively support, monitor, and manage your business’ IT infrastructure with tools like automation, reporting, next-gen antivirus, data management, and more.

Cloud Hosting Platforms

Cloud hosting offers companies additional flexibility in how they do business with a service that’s secure, reliable, and scales easily with your growing and changing organization.

Workspace as a Service

Give your employees the ultimate work flexibility with access to their desktop applications, documents, and data from anywhere without sacrificing security.

IT Documentation Portal

Store all your critical IT documentation and resources in one organized and secure database, ready to be accessed and referenced by your team in the future.

vCIO Consulting

With the expertise and skills needed to understand the current IT landscape and where it’s heading, your Impact vCIO acts as a bridge between business and technology to help you reach your goals.

VoIP Cloud Services

Access your business calls and messages from any device with easy-to-use, scalable, cloud-based communications technology.

Productivity Suites

Empower your employees with the latest tools and technology to help them do their job more effectively and efficiently, and to more easily collaborate between teams.

Microsoft Surface Devices

Give your team the best technology with official Microsoft devices, all supported by the IT experts at Impact who can help you keep everything updated and running smoothly.

Change Management Systems

Productivity stems from education. Implement a customized employee training program to help your team gain valuable skills and better understand the technology your business runs on.

AV as a Service

AV technology has become critical for modern businesses to stay connected. AVaaS provides the reliable, easy-to-use tools needed for better meetings that run smoothly every time, all backed by expert support.  

Managed IT Cloud Services FAQs

Have questions about managed IT and cloud services with Impact? Explore some of the most frequently asked ones here.

What is included in managed IT services?

Included in Impact’s managed IT services are features like device management, cloud hosting platforms, vCIO consulting, backup and business continuity, network management, workplace as a service, Cloud VoIP phone systemsImpact Network Control (a custom group of automation, maintenance, and monitoring tools), and more.  

What managed IT services do MSPs provide? 

An MSP provides managed IT services that support the technology that keeps your business moving, including phone systems, cloud storage, device management, productivity suites, and other cutting-edge tools. 

What are the benefits of managed IT services?

The benefits of managed IT services from Impact are that of a full-scale IT team without the costs associated with maintaining an in-house IT staff. Our team is made up of specialists from all fields of IT who are always available to support you from our Unified Support Operations center.  

What does an IT MSP do? 

An IT managed service provider (MSP) acts as your team of experts that ensure your business’ crucial technology is always updated, optimized, and running smoothly. We utilize the latest breakthroughs and trends of the industry in order to provide consulting on your present and future IT needs. 

What is cloud hosting and how does it work? 

Cloud hosting is the name for when businesses move their data from expensive on-premise hardware-based storage to remote servers, aka “the cloud”. This has become an essential component for businesses to prepare for remote work because it cuts costs and greatly improves business agility as your workforce can now access relevant information from anywhere. 

Learn more about how cloud hosting works. 

What’s the difference between a server and the cloud? 

The difference between a server and the cloud is that the cloud is off-site (usually in data centers) and is accessed remotely, opposed to a server which can be found on-site and is wholly owned by the business. All clouds run on servers, but not every server is connected to a cloud. 

What are cloud-based IT solutions? 

Cloud-based IT solutions are business technology tools that utilize remote servers to increase flexibility, reduce costs, and improve productivity. These types of solutions include website hosting, email platforms, communications, CRMs, document management, and more. 

What is the benefit of a long-term IT partnership? 

The main benefit of a long-term IT partnerships comes in having a team that knows your business and IT infrastructure inside and out, and who is incentivized to not only make sure everything is set up right the first time but that it’s consistently running smoothly for the length of the relationship. 

What if I already have an internal IT team? 

If you already have an internal IT team, Impact can act as an extension of that team by providing additional expertise, services, and equipment that fill in the gaps left by a small or incomplete internal team. Partnering with an MSP alongside your in-house professional positions you to be better prepared for growth and change.

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