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Unified Communications Solutions

Modern managed business communication tools to unite disconnected teams

Communication has always been an important element of productive and successful businesses. But as more teams work remotely, the need for reliable, cloud-based communication has become critical. Unified communications solutions from Impact gives your business the equipment, software, and support it needs to unify its digital conversations in one place to make effective collaboration possible from anywhere.

How It Works

Connect Your Company with Unified Communications Solutions

The features and tools you need for effective communication organization-wide.

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Benefits of Unified Communications Solutions

Reliable business communications implemented, managed, and supported by Impact.

Easily Scalable to Your Changing Needs

No matter how your company, goals, or needs change, your unified communications tools can scale up or down easily and quickly to keep your team connected.

Empower Remote Work

Truly allow your teams to work from anywhere with unified communications solutions that use Microsoft Teams’ cloud-based tools to instant message, schedule meetings, video conference, and make phone calls from wherever you are.

Easier Collaboration Between Teams

Whether you need to answer questions, present projects, discuss issues, or brainstorm big ideas, unified communications enables your teams to collaborate quickly and reliably using a single unified communication solution.

Faster Support

Avoid communication downtime and get faster support from Impact’s experts. Remote support makes it so any issues can quickly be resolved, and your team can get back to work.

Reduced Hardware Costs

Cloud-based communications can save you thousands of dollars on hardware and equipment costs. Instead, simply use the tools you already have like phones, tablets, and laptops to communicate and collaborate.


“Communication barriers cost the average organization $62.4 million a year in lost productivity.”

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