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Managed IT

Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Custom cloud hosting services designed to fit your data needs now and in the future

Utilizing the cloud via secure data centers is a cost-effective, accessible, and secure way to store your information. Impact’s experts will help you identify your ideal cloud environment—whether it be public, private, or a hybrid solution—based on your needs and goals. Hosting your data on the cloud provides more work flexibility to your teams and removes the strains that come from storing data on-site like scaling, security, and cost.

How It Works

Secure, Accessible, and Scalable Cloud Hosting Environments

Leverage a custom-built cloud solution to take more control of your data and make it easy for your teams to securely share and use it every day from anywhere.

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Benefits of Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed cloud hosting services opens your business to more flexible practices by storing your important data securely in the cloud where it’s safe and accessible.

Empower Work from Anywhere

Give your teams the power to access data from wherever they need it without sacrificing security.

Easily Scale as Needed

As your business grows, your cloud hosting solutions grows seamlessly with it through quick and easy expansion of your storage capabilities needs.

Mitigate Risks of Data Theft or Loss

When disaster strikes, whether it be a cyberattack or unplanned outage, rest easy knowing all your critical data is backed up to ensure your business can continue to run without interruption.

Reduced IT Spend

With managed cloud hosting services, your business is no longer required to purchase, house, and maintain on-site hardware.


“A modern business has to be flexible and scalable, two things that can be achieved through cloud hosting services.”

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