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Operate no matter what with cloud-based backups, recovery planning, and business continuity solutions

Unpredictable outages can cripple your operations if you aren’t prepared. With data backups and an expertly crafted continuity plan, you’ll always have access to the data, programs, and systems you need to service your customers and keep your business operating.

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Stay Prepared with Proactive Business Continuity Solutions

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Benefits of Business Continuity Planning Services

Protect your critical business systems and be prepared for anything.

Mitigate Risks of Downtime

Extended downtime can be catastrophic for businesses, potentially costing you around $20,000 per hour until the issue is resolved. Limiting those risks with business continuity solutions from Impact ensures your data is available and critical systems are back online as soon as possible.

Be Prepared for Disasters

Preparation is key. Rest easier knowing that no matter when or how outages occur, your business has a continuity plan in place and is ready to quickly move forward with limited damage.

Protect Your Most Important Data

Modern business rely on data. Business continuity solutions from Impact make sure your own organization’s crucial information is always backed up and secure.

Scalable to Your Needs

No matter what you need, we’ll help you build a continuity plan that fits your needs now and as they grow in the future.


“73% of businesses are not doing enough to insulate themselves from disaster.”

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