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Inspire more collaboration and efficiency with cloud-based productivity suites for your business

Improve Employee Collaboration with Business Productivity Tools

Impact wants to empower businesses and their employees with the tools they need to get work done efficiently and effectively, and does so with the help of office productivity tools from top tech partners like Google and Microsoft. These partners provide suites of integrated, cloud-based productivity apps that make it easier to communicate, create and collaborate with teammates and with clients. Improve business communications between lines of business by leveraging top solutions for email, chat and meeting tools; and experience increased visibility of and collaboration on documents with cloud-based productivity suites. With these services selected, configured and managed by Impact, your team can access their workplace software on any device, and online, the cloud, making it easy to create, share and increase productivity from anywhere.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Productivity Suites

Impact will help your business select, migrate and manage the cloud-based subscription services, Microsoft Office 365 Business or Google G Suite, that’s right for your businesses communication and collaboration needs. We provide these packages to our Managed IT clients due to their extensive list of applications and mobility tools that connect users across networks and increase productivity in a secure environment.

Incorporating business productivity tools into your organization offers the following benefits:

Reduced time of the IT’s team spent managing the platform Reduced time of the IT’s team spent managing the platform – we do it for you!

Redundant backups of all information through our Backupify product Redundant backups of all information through our Backupify product

Reduced costs Reduced costs with an affordable package of leading office productivity tools

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Impact’s Productivity Suite Packages

Microsoft Office 365 Business

Your team has access to popular office applications, accessible online and from any device for secure, remote collaboration. We also offer integration services with our other top Microsoft platforms, including Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP, PowerApps and Azure to increase productivity in the workplace.


Employees can stay up to date on meetings, contacts, and calendars with access to Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. These platforms sync on all devices, making it easy to coordinate and update your calendars from anywhere, and link it to professional accounts including LinkedIn. For admins, it’s also easy to set up and remove accounts, and wipe information if an email account is compromised.

Collaboration Apps

With apps like the Teams chat platform, Calendar, Planner and more, users can schedule meetings, talk and work together on the same documents in real-time. The OneDrive app offers a secure place for all users to create, share and store documents on the cloud utilizing the online versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Additionally, with SharePoint, we can help build out a custom intranet that allows for further collaboration and increases productivity between your employees.

Mobile Apps

Mobile versions of Office 365 apps empower users to work on the go, on any device. The team’s business productivity tools help connect users through conferencing and messaging options and can run alongside Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, with secure sharing on OneDrive.


Data monitoring and analysis of business productivity tools allow for a deeper dive into process and workflow collaboration through interactive reports, data visualization and simplified dashboards.

Microsoft Premier Support

In addition to regular support from the Impact Service Desk, Impact MIT clients receive an additional layer of resolution with Microsoft’s partner support, which covers all cloud-based productivity tools and on-premise Microsoft products. When issues persist, an Impact representative will be in touch with a dedicated Microsoft support specialist, who will offer round the clock support until your problem is resolved. Instead of going through multi-layers of service desk staff, you’re guaranteed top support from product specialists right when you need it.

G Suite by Google Cloud

With industry-leading, cloud-based apps from Google, creating and collaborating on documents and communicating remotely become connected, productive experiences for users across an organization.

Create and Collaborate

Users on multiple devices across your network can create and update the same documents with real-time auto-updates that eliminate version control issues.

Connect and Communicate

With Google’s Gmail application, business email remains fast and organized, and with one-click HD voice and video conferencing through the Meetings app, the whole team can run meetings across locations. These powerful tools reduce the amount of delays between contacts, ultimately increasing productivity and allowing users to be productive and make decisions faster. Additionally, with shared applications like Calendar, scheduling meets on updated calendars will be easier than ever.

Store and Access

Google Drive’s unlimited cloud storage gives users the space they need to keep all of their documents secure, in a single location. Access information quickly from any device and gain visibility into all documents.

User Controls and Security

Our experts configure administrative settings, which create streamlined onboarding and removal processes, along with user access control to manage who can access what, guaranteeing the safety of company data.

Cloud-Based Backup Technology

Included for all MIT customers, the Backupify tool ensures that the data within your cloud-based productivity suite is protected, copied and recoverable. With this data backup system in place, users receive the following:

Automatic backups, three times a day for Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Calendar and Contacts – on-demand backups can be performed at any time

SOC 2 Type II audit, which ensures that we’re protecting business and client data and upholding compliance standards for MSPs

Compliance with industry data privacy standards

Encryption for both at rest and in-transit data

Audit logs, uptime and availability SLAs and export capabilities for monitoring and reporting from the Impact MIT team


Partner Microsoft

A leader in modern technology producing the solutions businesses across the globe rely on. Their growing list of software, licenses, hardware and services fit the needs of growing and establishes companies alike, with their suite of applications serving as a basis to increase productivity and boost modern communication in the workplace.

Partners Google

One of the largest internet companies and technology organizations, Google provides businesses with high-powered products that connect users online. Their range of business productivity tools includes cloud services, analytics tools and software designed to keep businesses running smoothly across the world.

Partners Backupify

Acquired by Datto in 2014, Backupify currently serves as a reliable tool that keeps SaaS data protected via the cloud. Their platform automates backups for major productivity suites, making backup, restorations and recovery of all company data easy, compliant and secure.

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