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IT Infrastructure Documentation with the IT Glue Platform

When rolling out new technologies and solutions, it’s important to document key details about the solution and how it’s set up and executed to ensure that best practices are applied to daily tasks, and future integrations can be implemented efficiently. When businesses don’t use proper documentation, maintaining standards and ensuring users are utilizing technology and working productively can get much more complicated. The solution for seamlessly documenting standard operating procedures (SOPs) and making them accessible and enforceable is here, with the IT Glue documentation platform. Tracking an organization’s IT assets and data is simpler than ever with one central and secure portal to access, update and monitor all of your network information. Plus, with a web-based portal, multiple people can contribute, increasing the amount of collaboration among team members, visibility into information and IT support as a whole.

In short, the IT Glue platform makes it easy to manage user credentials, track IT-related updates, streamline workflows and instill SOPs through documentation in one secure location.

Benefits of Standardized IT Documentation Software

Instead of manual tracking across different applications and systems with varying degrees of security and visibility, the IT Glue platform gives IT professionals a single location to keep information secure, organized, visible and available with various access levels. Our customers not only receive this top-of-the-line web portal, but a team of IT support like Field Network Engineers and vCIOs who will assess each client’s current network and information, and deploy the web portal with data, contact information and protocol instructions to be accessible upon Implementation.

Your team will receive a wide range of benefits, including:

network information Unified, searchable portal for all network information

IT documentation Increased adherence to SOPs, as IT documentation is easy-to-access for any users

Saved Time Time saved collecting data with automation, monitoring, mapping and tracking tools

Improved collaboration Improved collaboration with shared documentation and secure third-party sharing

Increased productivity Increased productivity with search and workflow functions

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IT Glue Documentation
Platform Features

The documentation portal powered by IT Glue acts as the dedicated location for network information and support information.

IT Glue SOP documentation templates

Without best practices and standards for how to access and share data, individual users may be putting their company at risk with negligent activities. IT Glue serves as a knowledge base for structuring your IT documentation; you’ll receive templates, workflow examples, checklist functionalities, common documentation scenarios, and information architecture to establish standard operating procedures that every user can follow.

Central Location for Network Information

The IT infrastructure documentation platform offers enterprise-grade security, allowing businesses to safeguard information and guarantee that when it’s shared internally or externally, it’s done safely. Having a central location for network passwords and sensitive data, secured with access control, version management, and detailed activity logs drastically reduces the chances of confidentiality violation or users sharing information in non-secure places.

Secure account & password management from IT Glue

The web portal serves as a centralized location for user account information that’s secured via encryption and two-step verification to ensure that only those with the correct access can view and update this data. The IT Glue platform also offers quick access and structures for sharing data with 3rd parties.

IT Glue integration capabilities

The IT Glue documentation portal integrates third-party vendor platforms and productivity suites such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Cloud. The web portal truly becomes a center for your data and account information, making updates and reporting of data from all of these different locations easy to access. All Impact Managed IT customers receive the additional benefits of integration with our custom remote monitoring and management toolset, meaning that any support issues, alerts and device information related to your IT support will be stored and searchable in the portal.

Impact Support Team

Impact Field Network Engineers and vCIOs develop and enter any necessary information into the client web portal, including network information, user credentials, and protocol instructions. After the portal is deployed, our remote monitoring tools (INC) allow the Service Desk team to oversee your environment for any IT support issues, alerts, and device information.


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Since 2013, IT Glue has provided businesses with solutions to maximize productivity, efficiency and security through secure IT documentation software. Their award-winning platforms make processes including onboarding, adopting best practices and maintaining accurate information on user info and devices easy to manage and compliant with confidential data standards.

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