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Operate no matter what with backup, recovery and continuity plans

Proactive Data Security Means Preparing for Whatever Happens Next

Businesses cannot afford to neglect the security and availability of their data. Not only are SMBs the top targets for cyberattacks, but they’re also vulnerable to unpredictable disasters and outages that can happen any time. The loss of data through breaches or device failure can result in unrecoverable data and documents, while costing enough to put an organization out of business. For some organizations, even a couple hours of down operations due to network or power outages could result in significant losses in revenue, productivity or customers. To combat these risks, Impact’s IT security experts have developed packages that ensure that our clients have access to their data and systems in real-time; even when disaster strikes. These include top platforms from leading product companies, Datto and StorageCraft, for data security, backup and recovery. Every organization needs an effective disaster recovery and business continuity plan to protect data and avoid a catastrophic loss of business-critical data.

Gain a sense of security and peace of mind about the safety of your data with Impact’s custom business continuity options. We provide businesses with best-in-class data backup services to ensure operations continue to run smoothly.

Benefits of a Business Continuity Package

All of Impact’s disaster recovery and business continuity plan solutions are turnkey, meaning installation, configuration and management can be done by the Impact team, with additional support and monitoring from our certified Service Desk analysts. Our team will work with you to determine what needs to be backed up and how often in order to put together the most effective plan for your business’ data security. Your employees can focus on business-critical activities without worrying about running backup and recovery software. Having a business continuity package offers the benefits of:

business operations Continuous business operations – eliminate financial losses that come with downtime

Frequent backups Frequent backups with instant recovery options ensure confidential data and information is never lost

Ransomware Ransomware and threat protection – restart servers from a point in time before the attack

recovery plan Preparedness with a thorough disaster recovery plan organized by your Impact team

Flexible pricing Flexible pricing options based on data volumes and retention periods

Hassle-free management Hassle-free management – Impact monitor and manage backups and run recovery programs as needed

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Business Continuity Features

Our backup and continuity plans work with virtual or physical IT environments to ensure that your data is readily available.

Frequent & RedundantBackups

Get complete data protection for any OS system, and the applications, configurations and data tied to them with regular point-in-time backups. Impact specialists will help you determine the costs of downtime to your organization. Based on that, and your budget, we’ll recommend the frequency of backups (up to real-time if necessary) and the ideal period for data retention. There’s also an added layer of data security with redundant backups in offsite, fault-tolerant partner data storage facilities.

Disaster RecoveryOptions

With disaster recovery plans powered by industry-leading tech for backup and storage, we can restore your infrastructure to its previous state in the event of physical damage, data loss or ransomware and get your employees back to work almost instantly. Backup business data before disaster strikes.

Server Access

Whether you chose a virtual or secure image plan, you will have your server data stored in tier IV data centers around the world, allowing your Impact team to restore them within three hours or less in the event of data loss or damage.

Multi-tier Support

The multi-tier Impact Service Desk monitors client infrastructures during regular business hours. If they detect trouble, they’ll be able to remediate and escalate issues as needed remotely. When data is lost or an incident causes damages, they will lead the recovery process in an efficient manner designed to reduce the amount of downtime a business faces.


Partner Datto

A global leader in IT solutions with solutions used by half a million businesses in over 130 countries, Datto is a top resource for MSPs. Their solutions include business continuity, disaster recovery, network, business management and file back and sync solutions that both SMBs and enterprise organizations can use to keep their businesses secure and running smoothly. This data backup service provider is your source for secure file collaboration and backup.

Partner Storage craft

A data backup service provider of robust solutions arming businesses with platforms to protect their data in on-premise, hybrid and cloud environments. StorageCraft’s package of protection, management and continuity solutions ensure that data is safe and businesses can avoid downtime in emergencies.

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