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How to Create (and Keep) Business New Year's Resolutions and Goals for 2023

Do you have the tools and technologies needed to build strong business goals for 2023, track your progress, and achieve them?

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Jan 04, 2023

As the new year rolls in, everybody starts to look ahead to what business goals for 2023 they want to accomplish, where they want to go, and what they want their business to look like after another year. These goals and resolutions will drive us forward but, all too often, these goals are dropped, forgotten, or failed along the way for a variety of reasons. 

Discover some tips, technologies, and strategies that you can use in your business to create stronger goals, track your progress throughout the year, and, most importantly, accomplish what you need to fulfill your vision for the future. 

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The Benefits of Creating Business Goals 

Setting goals for your business is an important part of starting the new year on the right foot. Establishing what you want to accomplish and where you want to go helps provide structure for your teams and helps them understand what they can do to help achieve it, along with other benefits, such as: 

  • 80% of employees who set goals feel more engaged in their work, especially when they know how their goals connect to the bigger picture.
  • Teams with goals are prouder of their company, take more pride in their work, and are more committed to their organization. 

Creating Business Goals for 2023 

To get off to a strong start in the new year, it helps when businesses have a defined version of what success looks like. This means setting realistic goals and resolutions to strive for. But this is sometimes easier said than done.  

When considering something as important as what you want to accomplish in a year, it’s important to give it meaningful thought to determine what goals you could set that will have the biggest impact on your company when you achieve them. 

To come up with goals like this, there are a few things you should consider: 

  • What held you back in 2022? Identifying weaknesses so you can find ways to strengthen them is a great place to start when deciding on new business goals. Think about the processes that seemed to slow things down, cause bottlenecks, or create frustration and set goals to find solutions to these problems. 
  • What do you want to prioritize? Think about what ideas that came up throughout the year that you may have set aside to take on later. Which of these should you prioritize for the new year? Or just think about what processes, departments, or other areas of your business that you want to prioritize. 
  • Did you achieve your goals in 2022? If you failed to accomplish your goals or stick to your resolutions in 2022, what stood in your way? Determine if these past goals are still relevant to your business in the new year and consider rethinking them to become more achievable in 2023. 
  • What smaller tasks/goals could have big impacts on your organization? Oftentimes, small changes to processes or simple optimizations in how your business operates can have a big impact on your overall success. Think about what small things you could do in 2023. 

Asking these types of questions will help you create achievable, meaningful business goals for 2023 to shape a successful new year. 

Creating Realistic, Achievable Goals 

When creating new goals, remember the basic elements of a SMART goal: 

  • Specific: The goal or resolution should specifically define the who, what, when, where, and why of it. State what you want to accomplish, why it’s important, what you can do to get there, who is involved, and more to make it as detailed as possible.
  • Measurable: You need to be able to measure your goal. Determine what metrics you can use to measure your progress. Maybe you want to shorten your customer service reply times, raise customer satisfaction scores, or simply raise sales numbers. No matter what the number is, make sure there’s a way to effectively measure success.
  • Achievable: Your goal should be achievable, meaning it needs to realistically be something you can accomplish in one calendar year. Unachievable goals tend to have negative effects on morale, making your teams less motivated and discouraging them.
  • Relevant: Goals should make sense in the context of your business operations. Employees should be able to easily understand how this goal relates to overall company success and how their role plays a part in it. 
  • Time-Bound: Lastly, your goals should have realistic timelines. Set target dates for deliverables, progress markers, check-ins, and more. It’s easy to set goals in January and continually think “we’ve got all year!” A set timeline creates more urgency and helps everyone understand what needs to be done and when. 
characteristics of a business goal for 2023

How Technology Can Help You Keep Resolutions and Achieve Your Business Goals for 2023 

The only thing harder than coming up with new goals and resolutions is sticking with them and completing them throughout the year. 90% of businesses fail to reach their strategic goals for the year. Why? Because 80% of them fail to track those goals which lead to only 6% of companies ever revisiting their goals again after setting them. 

Here are a few business technology tools that can make it easier to keep track of your progress and make strides toward your goals and resolutions. 

Communication Tools 

Simple and clear communication is key to any organization’s success, but to keep up with your goals, you need to provide your teams with the communication tools they need to be able to collaborate, quickly resolve conflicts and roadblocks, schedule meetings, and communicate things clearly to anyone within an organization. 

Microsoft Teams provides businesses with easily implemented tools for instant messaging, calendar management, meeting creation, group chats, and video conferencing. Alongside VoIP cloud services and other business communications solutions, you can create open lines of communication across your entire organization to help people accomplish tasks, organize their teams, and work toward their goals.  

Data Collection, Tracking, and Analysis 

Unlocking data for your entire organization allows more teams to use it in their decision-making and, to help with business goals for 2023, it can help ensure everyone is able to track their progress. Cloud-based data storage solutions give more people the chance to access data collected from across your organization so they can use it to make better decisions, report on the success of projects, track the progress of goals, adjust campaigns, and more. 

But, if you’re rightfully worried about the security risks of super-accessible data, don’t fret. Cloud systems are equipped with security features, like:  

  • Access controls to help ensure only certain people can access more sensitive information.
  • Password managers to ensure strong passwords are used. 
  • Firewalls and other anti-virus software to stop any attacks from causing a data breach. 

Project Management Solutions to Organize Teams 

Keeping multiple teams that span different departments—and potentially different locations—organized is no small feat. A strong suite of project management services is necessary for modern businesses to keep their projects in line and their goals squarely in view.  

30% of business professionals say that a failure to coordinate across teams was the greatest challenge to achieving goals and executing strategies 

Tools like Smartsheet allow project managers to create agile workflows to build organized projects that give employees transparency into the project’s current status, easy ways to communicate important information, and the data necessary for them to appropriately prioritize and complete tasks.  

Make Sure Your Teams Have the Right Tools to Succeed 

To create and accomplish your goals in the new year, you need to equip your team with the tools it needs to track progress, communicate freely, and organize projects. Businesses that stick with goals and resolutions see the success they desire.  

This takes a lot of commitment and thought to create meaningful goals, track your successes, and ultimately achieve what’s needed to take the next steps for your business. 

All the business technology solutions mentioned above are a part of a larger effort that businesses must take to digitally transform their relationship with technology. This may sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.  

Download our eBook, Fast-Tracking Your Digital Transformation, to see how you can get started providing the tools and technology your teams need to reach their business goals for 2023. 


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