Infographic: 7 Cyber Hygiene Tips for Remote Work

Businesses all across the country are sending their employees to work remotely. See our tips to ensure your cyber hygiene and protect your security.

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Mar 18, 2020

Cyber Hygiene Tips for Remote Work 

Cyber hygiene is more crucial than ever before.

SMBs all over the country are sending employees home to continue their work.

For a substantial number of organizations, this will be the first time they’ve had to engage in remote work practices, and many of them are unaware about cyber hygiene and why it’s important.

There are several cybersecurity challenges that face a modern business, and remote work is one of those challenges.

With cyberattacks increasing, an influx of remote workers, and attackers taking advantage of recent events, we currently have a perfect storm ripe for cybercriminals to take advantage of.

Take a look at our infographic for 7 tips to help you mitigate cyberattacks on remote workers.

7 cyber hygiene tips for remote workers | infographic

Impact Networking’s Managed Security program provides vital remote cybersecurity protection for clients, keeping their minds at ease in the knowledge that their IT infrastructure is being monitored and maintained by our security experts.

We’ve vetted hundreds of vendors to ensure that our program utilizes best-in-class solutions for our clients. In today’s landscape, a comprehensive cybersecurity program for your remote workers has never been more important.

Learn more about Impact’s remote work solutions.


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