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Tech Tips: How to Safe Search the Internet

Watch this video to get some quick, actionable tips on how to safe search the Internet and avoid falling victim from viruses and malware from malicious sites.

Stumbling across a malicious website or clicking on a link you shouldn’t is a sure-fire way to get your computer infected with a virus.

It’s not just about viruses either—many ad links come with tracking technology, meaning if you click an ad link, your Internet usage can be observed, which is a data privacy concern.

Take a look at our latest tech tips to learn some clear and actionable takeaways so that you can safely browse the Internet in future and avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime.

Safe Search Tips

Tip 1: Don’t click on items that look like advertisements

Tip 2: Make sure website names are spelled correctly

Tip 3: Check to see if the website you access is secure

Tip 4: Pay close attention to ads placed within search results

About Tech Tips

Find the answers to some of the most commonly asked computer questions and full troubleshooting demonstrations in this web series featuring some of Impact’s technology specialists.

These experts work on both Windows and Apple devices to ensure all users will be able to resolve their issues in no time.

Find these videos on social media with the hashtag #TechTipTuesday.

This video features Jonathan Beveridge, Service Desk Core Engineer.