How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider

See how to choose web hosting providers for your company. Learn what makes a quality provider and the difference it can make.


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Aug 17, 2021

From SEO to cybersecurity, good (or bad) web hosting can have a huge effect on your company’s entire online brand experience. Join Impact experts Matt Cohen, Webmaster, and Phillip New, Web Development Manager, for a discussion on web hosting.

Together, they’ll cover the basics of what it is, the problems you can run into with a bad provider, and how to choose web hosting services for your own business. After watching this webinar, you’ll come away with a stronger understanding of the effect it can have on your website as a whole and how great web hosting can boost your online presence. 

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What Is Web Hosting, and Why Do You Need It?

If you want your business to exist online at all, you need to learn how to select a web hosting company. It’s the cloud service that gets your website registered and searchable on the internet. And similarly to in-store renovations or graphic design, while it’s possible to do it yourself, the difference in quality between that and what you get when you choose managed cloud web hosting from a professional service is vast.

The Problem with Poor Web Hosting

A managed web hosting service can help you figure out how to make the most of it and ensure your website is easy to find online, quick to load when customers do find it, and secure so their information is never compromised. But a bad web hosting service, or a do-it-yourself company, won’t do any of those things.

A poor service might not even have protections in place at all, forcing you to pay for additional services to fill in the gaps. It can literally pay to understand how to choose web hosting providers who put your business first.

Learn how to select a web hosting company with Impact

In this webinar, our hosts will discuss all the different facets of web hosting, how to find a provider that’s scalable, and how web hosting ties in with other managed services. There will also be a Q&A section, so you can submit your own questions and have them answered by industry-leading experts.

Watch the on-demand webinar today to learn from Matt Cohen and Phillip New how web hosting and development can transform your business in 2021 and beyond.

To learn more about Impact’s solution and how we can improve your company’s online presence, check out our Marketing page.


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