On the Subject of: Personalized Marketing and Modern Customers

What is personalized marketing and how does it impact the experience modern customers expect? Find out with Impact experts in this episode of On the Subject Of!


2 minutes

Apr 25, 2022

Join Impact’s Chief Marketing Officer, Karlee Travis; Director of Solutions Architecture, Jon Evans; and Director of Program Management Office, Alexander Park as they discuss the expectations that modern customers have of the brands they interact with, and what personalized marketing is. 

Satisfying Customers Today 

If you’re ready to make sure your clients have a great experience at every touchpoint, then Impact’s holistic offerings can help. Our IT & cloud services get your network to a place where it’s fast and reliable, so clients are never frustrated when interfacing with your system. Digital innovation solutions ensure that your tech is in a place where interactions are always seamless, fruitful, and valuable. 

And, although it may often seem like a different area entirely, marketing fits perfectly into that equation. Using similar tech, we present the right message to the right people at the right time, every time. That’s what the benefit of personalized marketing is: your customer experience is not just smooth, but also tailored directly to the client. 

On the Subject of: the Series 

On the Subject Of… brings together specialists for casual, candid conversations about all areas of business and technology, ranging from customer service to cybersecurity compliance to UX/UI design. With experts from every department in Impact, this video series is the perfect way to see what industry leaders are thinking about today. 

If you’re looking to discover what personalized marketing is, why modern customers expect it, and what else you should be doing to hit their other expectations, this conversation is exactly what you need. Watch this edition of On the Subject Of… to be mentored by Impact’s best now! 

Check out more episodes of On the Subject Of… to see what else people at the top of their field think you should be considering today. 


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