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What is Business Process Automation? | An Overview

We all know how time-consuming repetitive tasks can be in the workplace. Learn the basics of business process automation in this video.


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Jul 05, 2020

We all know how time-consuming repetitive tasks can be in the workplace. Job duties like data entry and building reports keep your employees from higher-value tasks that can really move the needle for your business. That’s where business process automation comes in.

Impact provides a suite of tools to help organizations on their digital transformation journey including robotic process automation (RPA), which allows a software robot to simulate human activity for repetitive and rules-based tasks in a fraction of the time and with unmatched accuracy. Go one step further with intelligent process automation (IPA). Instead of mimicking human actions, IPA simulates human intelligence. For example, the software might take content from a purchase order and match it with an ERP system and then automatically route that information to a particular employee.

Ready to learn more? See ten ways process automation can decrease costs across the board in our blog post: 10 Benefits of Process Automation.


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