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Simplified Office Processes with a Single-Source Provider and Paper Supply Company

While many organizations are working toward a smaller physical document footprint, paper remains an essential need for their daily business. Because of this, small and midsize companies require the best vendors to source these supplies with excellent service and affordable prices. Instead of spending time and money securing the right supplies from the best dealers, you can rely on Impact to be the perfect paper supply partner for your company. We offer a wide selection of paper and office supply solutions to our customers. Find out how your company can benefit from Impact’s paper and office supply services!

Benefits of Using a Single Paper Supply Company

Choosing Impact as a single source provider for office equipment and supplies means that reducing the number of vendors needed. Unlike a standard paper supply company, we begin with an assessment process to evaluate what technology and devices a company is or should be using throughout the entire organization, and will recommend compatible paper types that optimize the equipment’s output and efficiency. This includes everything from paper for daily printing and copying needs, to specialty papers for marketing collateral, to rolls of paper needed for wide-format machines. Having Impact as the one single supplier for printing equipment and the paper it uses, has its benefits. Some of which include:

Risk transfer, as Impact is accountable for both hardware and supplies, and monitors usage remotely

Advisement from certified experts who determine the right products for an office’s infrastructure

Our paper products are guaranteed to work with our equipment – no confusion or guesswork

Dedicated resupply agents from Impact who monitor and track volumes for each account

Guaranteed customer satisfaction with 35 years of industry experience

Fixed pricing for the supplies with a single monthly cost determined upon contract

What’s Included in Impact’s Paper and Product Supply Services?

Support for all major original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brands including HP, Xerox, and Konica Minolta

Local delivery from Impact’s experienced drivers

White glove service with Impact delivery drivers personally restocking supplies as needed

Deals and special offers for loyal and new customers

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Impact’s Paper Products

From traditional copy paper to specialty papers used for high-end print materials — Impact has it all.

A full supply of copy paper available to our company partners

Copy paper is the backbone of any office’s printing requirements. Impact white-labels paper products, and sources from one mill, guaranteeing every customer receives the highest quality product on the market. The paper comes in both high tech and premium high-tech types, white and pastel finishes in 20lbs weights, with a variety of sizes available for any day-to-day printing requirements.

A range of paper supplies available from Impact

Specialty paper comes in a variety of sizes, colors, finishes and weights. Impact can provide custom cuts for any unique type of requirement. Other custom products supplied by Impact include perforated paper, envelopes and letterheads, business cards, custom labels, and forms, as well as multipart forms. For any kind of custom paper supplies, Impact will be able to provide a product for any company’s requirements. Specialty brands like Hammermill, Neenah, Verso, and Boise are also available.

Assorted non-paper consumable products on shelves

Apart from paper products, Impact provides other printing related products. These include thermal labels and ribbons, thermal rolls and printer or custom labels. Impact also supplies green and recycled products, helping companies achieve their sustainable initiatives. By using a single source for both office supplies and equipment, companies are free to focus on their mission-critical tasks at a greater level of productivity.


We partner with one US mill to source our paper to ensure consistency in product quality and price. This allows us to consistently deliver the highest quality product that our clients expect and reduces the fluctuations in price from imported products.

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