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Your administrative window into centralized device management

Visibility, Control, and Security
for a Mobilized Workforce

Studies show the increasing popularity of remote working, as well as bring your own device (BYOD) policies which allow employees to use their personal devices for business activities. As these become more common, so do the risks when device and data security measures aren’t in place. With enterprise mobile device management solutions (MDM) from Cisco Meraki, Impact helps small businesses gain control over any mobiles, tablets, desktops and other devices that are connected to the network, allowing administrators to secure the devices – whether corporate-owned or BYOD – while also keeping their network and data secure. Centralized mobile device management solutions allow clients to develop and enforce standard security policies, scale their remote workplace efforts and create seamless user experiences all within a browser-based dashboard.

Benefits of Utilizing a Mobile Device Management Platform

Cisco Meraki’s mobile device management solutions simplify the mobility management of endpoint devices connected to the network, which can therefore empower businesses to explore options like remote working and bring your own device programs. With a containerized, centralized cloud management program in place, supporting “work from anywhere” programs become safer, scalable and connected. Introducing centralized device management offers the benefits of:

visibility Increased visibility over user devices and activities

restrict access to certain apps The ability to restrict access to certain apps or device settings

device security Standardized device security policies

device security Network and device security for bring your own device programs

device provisioning Faster device provisioning, deployment, and employee onboarding

user rights Ease in managing different access and user rights

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What’s Included in the Cisco Meraki MDM Platform?

cloud management Centralized cloud management for secure data access for users anywhere

settings deployment Network settings deployment to control wireless connectivity, security, and remote VPN access

Device location Device location that offers real-time tracking in the event of theft or loss

App deployment App deployment of enterprise mobile apps

Remote troubleshooting Remote troubleshooting with automatic monitoring 24/7 through the cloud

data restrictions Device and data restrictions to ensure policy compliance

Compatibility with major operating systems Compatibility with major operating systems

Complete implementation Complete implementation, support, and onboarding of the software

Mobile Device Management

The Cisco Meraki MDM platform offers centralized, secure space to manage a range of
device-related needs all in an easy-to-use admin interface.

Quick DeviceProvisioning

Integrate new end users into your system as soon as they become part of your network – fast. Through the MDM system, it’s simple to deploy defined protocols, apps and settings. You can control wireless and VPN connectivity settings, provide access and restrict content and create to individuals and user groups. Monitor compliancy, locations, app use, and settings automatically for each user on their devices.

Device Monitoring

As businesses grow and allow more remote workers and implement BYOD programs, mobility management, when it comes to user device activity can become difficult. With mobile device management, you’ll have visibility into device health and usage, giving you the ability to manage the security of your entire fleet. You can also use real-time location data from GPS, Wi-Fi, and IP addresses and define geofence areas to alert you when devices are out of range and allow you to locate stolen or misplaced devices.

Secure Data Protection

Make security policy a priority across your organization with a series of tools included in the device management platform. Create passcodes and encryption rules, customize group policies, change user privileges and wipe devices all remotely with administrative access.

User Enrollment

Keeping up with your company’s employment rate is easy with Active Directory software, which integrates with employee devices from anywhere. Additionally, you can remove unknown devices to protect your network from potential breaches and data theft.

Network Integration

Designate security measures such as policies and certificates for any device accessing the apps, Wi-Fi and other aspects of your network.



As a leader in IT business solutions, Cisco Meraki offers a range of solutions focused on improving the connectivity, security and mobility management of businesses. Their enterprise mobility management platform connects networks of users into a central location, giving businesses insight and control over data and devices.

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