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Public and private data storage environments

Public and Private Cloud Based Services for Your Business Needs

With cloud network management, cloud hosting and more, businesses no longer need to purchase, house and maintain servers and expensive on premise hardware. Impact’s certified experts will help you evaluate the best cloud application, whether it be public, private or a hybrid cloud solution, based on your specific business goals and technology needs.

The public cloud can be a cost-effective way to deploy desktop virtualization services that scale. When utilizing a public cloud computing solution, the organization is not responsible for maintaining or managing the data center. This is all done by the cloud provider, freeing up time and resources of the IT team.

Private cloud hosting is a dedicated virtual IT environment maintained solely by one organization. Depending on the resources that the organization needs, private cloud computing solutions can offer additional flexibility, security and scalability for organizations who need more control over their environment, such as independent network, Active Directory and firewall, encryption of data at rest and more.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting platforms allow companies to reduce their overall IT spend by leveraging the uses of cloud computing:

cloud environment Flexibility – Implement a fully-customized cloud environment at a fixed cost

Remote Access Remote Access – Improve employee productivity with remote access to documents and communication tools

Restrict permissions Security – Restrict permissions and maintain proactive monitoring of what goes into and out of the cloud

Compliance Compliance – Stay compliant with HIPAA, PCI, FINRA, SOX and other requirements

Growth Growth – Scale your infrastructure as the business grows and changes

Backup and Recovery Backup and Recovery – Bring your business back to full capacity with redundant backups in multiple locations

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Top-Tier Private & Public Cloud Hosting

As part of the assessment process for all managed IT clients, we thoroughly analyze needs, objectives and workforce capabilities to determine the cloud platform and cloud network management solution that will effectively reduce the risk of security breaches, meet all operational and compliance requirements and help avoid the potential costs associated with downtime.


Private hosting provides a custom-built solution to meet organizational needs. These custom-built cloud based services make it easy for organizations to migrate their existing servers to the cloud and take advantage of the benefits. Impact recommends Steadfast to customers looking to have access to their data storage through a secure and highly available platform. Impact will create a custom environment with an emphasis on security and performance specific to your business needs.


  • Custom built options tailored to service end users
  • Internal control to scale the IT infrastructure alongside the business
  • Increased employee activity with remote and mobile access
  • Control over hardware based on company budget and physical storage space

Public Cloud Hosting and Cloud Network Management Platform

Microsoft Azure

Grow your infrastructure and decrease your IT expenses with unlimited scalability through premiere third-party hosting from Microsoft Azure. Enjoy a more organized, secure cloud hosting platform for your data with the benefit of Microsoft’s industry authority and cutting-edge applications, without the daily maintenance. We have selected Microsoft as a partner to ensure customers can easily navigate the cloud application and seamlessly utilize and integrate other Microsoft applications. Microsoft is unmatched in their service offerings, speed and constant adaption to the changing digital landscape. With certified experts, the Impact Managed IT team offers industry experience to advise businesses on how to benefit from the cloud hosting platform.


  • Reduced IT spend on software, hardware and cloud network management
  • No additional space requirements, as data is hosted in outside data centers
  • Upgrades and maintenance handled by 3rd party provider
  • Growth supported by Microsoft products and services


Partner Microsoft

Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Impact partners with Microsoft to deliver a suite of enterprise tools to their clients, including the Azure hosting platforms, Microsoft Office 365 collaboration suite and Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP solution.

Partner steadfast

Steadfast empowers companies of all sizes to focus on strengths that drive their business with access to enterprise-level managed IT infrastructure services that ease system design and remove day-to-day maintenance burdens. Steadfast specializes in flexible cloud environments, infrastructure hosting, and a full suite of reliable managed services and security.

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