Robotic Process Automation

Increase your office output with automated data processing

Outsource Data Entry with Software Robots

As business process improvement moves further into the digital space, employees often feel the pressure of needing to complete tasks faster while also complying with increasingly strict data security standards. Robotic process automation (RPA) is a tool that that helps companies automate processes that are repeatable, currently done manually, and, most importantly, are data-driven. The data processing service works by programming an intelligent software robot to complete a task the same way that it is currently handled manually by a human. This software not only frees up time for the employee to focus on more strategic work, but it improves the accuracy and security of data across systems, helps standardize processes, and increases the overall output of the team with the robot being able to run 24/7. By deploying automated data processing robots to handle the mundane, low-payoff parts of your teams’ responsibilities, you’re giving them the resources they need to work better, faster, and produce more of what you need to grow your business.

Benefits of Impact’s Robotic Automated Data Processing Solution

Robotic process automation companies help clients to improve the speed, efficiency and accuracy of their data-driven business process improvement, without adding to their staff’s workload and without needing to hire additional staff. The RPA bots can be programmed to find critical information stored in emails, documents, spreadsheets, portals, databases and automatically extract and move that data into another database or location. This is an ideal solution for organizations that have invested heavily into building out their legacy systems with limited APIs or integration capabilities, or for organizations that have very unique and nuanced processes that need something more customizable than some of the other out-of-the box automated data processing software on the market today.

Adding the RPA data processing services will:

Reduce time spent Reduce time spent on manual data entry, processes and labor

Increase the accuracy Increase the accuracy and consistency of data across platforms

resolving errors Reduce the amount of errors and resolving them

Streamline processes Streamline processes integrated with your applications

mprove ROI Improve ROI and project turnaround times

human-intensive processes Increase employee productivity and time spent on human-intensive processes

data security standards Adhere to compliance and data security standards

Increase the amount of work Increase the amount of work completed in a week with bots that run 24/7

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Robotic Process Automation Features

See your business process improvement goals skyrocket by introducing software bots to automate data entry in the workplace.

Analytics & Process Intelligence

Track employee and robot performance, business process improvement, productivity and more in customizable dashboards that access anything running through Kofax RPA. Developing plans to improve your ROI and productivity become easier with the data you need pulled together into a customized platform you can access at any time.

Organized Deployments

Your software robots can grow alongside your business. Kofax RPA’s infrastructure allows for bot deployments onsite and in the cloud. The platform also allows us to build, deploy and manage new bots in a centralized location. Save time and more on development with the version control system to manage bot lifecycles, and use the bot design environment to see how they will interact with processes in real time.


The Kofax RPA platform integrates with most applications and platforms on a server, and supports most data types a business would be accessing, allowing the software robots to work across multiple systems and save data accurately and seamlessly. Your Impact software team will make sure everything is connected and running in tandem so your team can hit the ground running.

Automated Data Processing Capabilities

With machine learning, Kofax’s software bots will be able to recognize document types and classifications, and adapt to your changing workflow environment. The automated data processing examines methods and human interaction to inform decisions, and Micro Apps can be easily deployed by your robots to execute additional functions as needed.

Why Should You Outsource Data Entry with RPA?

The possibilities for using robotic automated data processing software is almost limitless. The software can essentially be programmed to replicate any redundant data-driven process that a person is completing using their mouse and keyboard. However, there are some processes that are inherently more data-driven then others. Impact will help you identify and prioritize the projects that will bring the most ROI to your organization and help boost business process improvement.

Some of the most common applications for RPA to automate data entry include:

Order entry Order entry

Payable Accounts Accounts Payable

Floor Automation Shop Floor Automation

Sales Operations Sales Operations

Employee Onboarding Customer and Employee Onboarding


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With the goal of enabling businesses to “Work Like TomorrowTM,” Kofax has developed a series of software solutions that utilizes new age technology to solve the process problems faced by modern businesses. As one of the industry’s leading robotic process automation companies, with offerings focusing capture, mobility, business process improvement, analytics and more, they’re giving businesses in several industries the tools they need to grow, compete and increase their ROI while allowing employees to do what will get their businesses ahead.

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Find out why Impact is among the top robotic process automation companies.

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