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Infographic: What Is a Paid Media Strategy?

What is a Paid Media Strategy?

The definition of paid media, sometimes known as PPC, is a marketing strategy that promotes content externally and typically involves a paid placement, usually pay-per-click advertising or display adverts. The goal is to attract those looking for your services or solutions to a piece of content or website page, starting them down your content funnel or buyer journey.

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This infographic will help you understand what a paid media strategy is, and the core components that make them work so well for attracting an interested audience online using digital advertising methods.

what is a paid media strategy infographic

Difference Between Paid, Earned, and Owned Media

Paid media, as we noted, refers to content that is externally placed for a fee. This differs from the other types of outbound marketing (as opposed to inbound marketing, which focuses on drawing people top a website) like earned and owned media.

Earned media refers to content that is about your business or something related to your business that you haven’t paid for. In other words, this kind of content often exists as articles or interviews about an organization created with no financial incentive.

Owned media refers to content that is owned by an organization. The most common examples of this are their website, blog, and content that is uploaded to social media.

Why Is Paid Media Marketing Important?

A paid media strategy is important for businesses because it’s a promotional avenue that offers the chance for businesses to create exposure for their content and increase their brand awareness in a short period of time.

Unlike owned and earned media, which often rely on organic means to drive visitors to content, paid media is a far more direct method of outreach that can target very specific topics—often relating to an individual service or product.

For this reason, it’s important for marketing teams to have a PPC strategy for their content to get it in front of the right audiences at the right time.

Do you need a paid media strategy for your business but don’t know where to start? Learn more about what it takes to make a paid media strategy that really works by watching our free, on-demand webinar where our marketing experts will walk you through every step of the process.