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6 Managed Print Services Benefits for SMBs

Managed print services could be a crucial key to your success.

Or, at least, managing your printing network successfully will mean one less hurdle.

While maybe not as exciting as other areas of digital transformation like bots or low-code, it is nonetheless a vital aspect of any organization.

Digital transformation has revolutionized many aspects of modern businesses, but paper is, and likely always will be, a constant.

The average employee prints an astounding 10,000 pages a year.

That’s a lot of resources (and money) for an SMB to be dealing with today.

These costs are further embellished by organizations which may have struggled to keep their printing fleets up to date.

That’s where managed print services come in.

MSPs help companies address common concerns they have with their print situations.

This typically involves old hardware, security, best practices, costs, and a lack of organizational structure.

Let’s take a look at what MPS can offer you and what to expect from a quality MPS service for your business.

1. Workflow Solutions

This is where managed print services as a wider tool for digital transformation comes in.

It’s not just about cutting costs or protecting yourself from cyberthreats (though those two are very important).

It’s about improving your processes to get the best out of the technology you use.

The role of MPS as an enabler for wider digital transformation efforts is being recognized more frequently and widely than before.

In 2018, only 23% of businesses agreed that MPS played an important role in digital transformation. In 2020, that number is up to 54%

One of the chief improvements that can be made to a printer fleet is utilizing smart MFP tech.

MFPs bring improved productivity to a business, allowing end users to print from anywhere and perform a variety of previously impossible functions.

Organizations using MPS are 55% more likely to have implemented organization-wide policies for managing both paper and digital information compared to those not using MPS (29%)

2. Security

When people think about endpoint security, they’ve almost always got a certain kind of device in mind.

These are usually laptops and other mobile devices which pose cyber threats to SMBs as entry points.

IoT devices extend beyond these devices, with printers posing a significant weak point for modern SMBs.

In 2019, an estimated 59% of businesses suffered a print-related data loss. Only one-third of these were due to actions of internal staff, suggesting cybercriminals are more frequently turning their attentions to printers as a way into networks

Think of all the sensitive material that your printer spits out.

All it takes for catastrophe to strike is to lose one piece of sensitive data, and sometimes all that stands in the way is a humble printer.

An MPS provider will ensure that your printer fleet is fully secure and minimize the potential for lost data.

Just 16% of IT decision makers think printer devices are at high risk for a security threat, despite the fact that only 41% of businesses have either network security, access control, data protection, or endpoint security for their printers

3. Supplies Replenishment & Monitoring

One of the most crucial offerings that businesses can get from MPS is visibility.

When you use a managed print service, your provider will know when you’re running low on supplies and when you need service.

Organizations spend approximately 1-3% of annual revenue on printing. 90% of North American companies are unaware of how much they’re spending on printing

When something breaks, on-site service is provided and covered by the MPS provider.

You also get the advantage of being able to track your expenditures in a more efficient and organized manner.

This effectively means that it’s a whole lot easier to establish a budget that is in line with what you use and spend on printing resources.

This helps you keep costs down and streamline your spending.

4. Green Initiatives

Reducing environmental footprints has been an increasingly important goal for many SMBs.

Employees, more than ever, take concern in the issues and values that their company takes an active interest (or disinterest) in.

57% of employees feel that corporate America needs to play a more active role in addressing important societal issues

One of the most important issues, climate change, is affecting SMBs who want to incorporate a responsible green policy to reflect this interest in corporate values.

It’s one of the reasons we at Impact implement sustainability initiatives for our customers.

These include “re-leafing” programs to counter deforestation, sustainably sourced paper, and solutions for reducing paper-based processes.

That last one of course has the added benefit of cost-saving, too.

5. Consultation

A managed print service should always look to provide you expertise for your work environment and processes.

Quality partners will recognize that a key aspect of demand for managed services is the consultation they provide.

Managed print service providers are no different.

When you engage in a relationship for managed print services, expect them to conduct the following:

Office tours & mapping

Specialists will assess your office to get a better understanding of whether the office is appropriately set-up for maximum productivity.

They will then map out the environment to give a visual indication of the current and potential options. A simple but crucial step. 

Employee interviews

Employees and other stakeholders will be asked about current processes and any issues they might have.

This gives the provider an opportunity to get a better understanding of strengths, weaknesses, and needs.

Data gathering from current devices

They will identify how devices are being used. Underutilized? Overutilized?

What are the printing habits of employees and what are their needs?

The MPS provider will use an assessment tool to gather data from your existing print setup and determine what fits your needs best.

6. Reduce Expenditure, Improve Cash Flow

We’ve touched on this already, but of course what a lot of business decision makers are looking for is to save on unnecessary expenditures.

One of the chief reasons managed print service providers are hired is to find those expenditures and remove as many obstacles as possible.

Most of the benefits listed in this blog post are either directly or indirectly related to saving on costs.

Whether it’s safeguarding your network from threats or cutting on paper consumption, in one way or another SMBs find that partnering with a provider for the printing needs saves them cash in the long run.

Impact Networking has been in the managed print services business since our very first day, over 20 years ago. 

When it comes to print solutions, we have the experts and we’re proud of our enduring track record. To see what our managed print services can do for you, get in touch with one of our specialists: