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Amazon RPA Fulfillment Demo

Take a look at this video and discover what automated Amazon RPA fulfillment looks like as one of our experts walks through the process!

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Oct 06, 2021

Ever wondered what Amazon RPA fulfillment looks like?

We’ve put together this demo so you can learn exactly what the RPA process is behind the scenes when developers are putting together an automated fulfillment process for businesses.

At Impact, provide robotic process automation services for many clients who need to automate various aspects of their business processes, and Amazon RPA fulfillment is just one part of that.

Robotic Process Automation

For several years since the introduction of RPA as viable tool for businesses to use in their organizations, there were a litany of automation options, though typically more rudimentary than a modern RPA solution.

These would include singular solutions like basic desktop macros and workflow automation programs.

Robotic process automation unifies these kinds of automation solutions with more precision and accuracy and better deliverables, especially for businesses operating in industries which require many backend processes that are good candidates for automation.

Good examples of industries in which RPA is a prevalent technology are finance, manufacturing, telecoms, logistics, and utilities.

What Is Amazon RPA Fulfillment?

Amazon RPA fulfillment is the process in which automation is used for orders processing, removing the need for manual input and saving time and money while improving efficiency as a result.

Impact Case Study: JW Winco

A manufacturing client of ours, JW Winco, was experiencing pain points in their order fulfillment and keeping up with them—they asked us if we could help out.

They were receiving 20-30 orders per customer and dealing with them in primarily a manual fashion, inputting data and information at every stage of the order fulfillment process.

When a business has a lot to juggle, spending valuable time on manual, time-consuming tasks is a roadblock as far as efficiency is concerned.

With our help, JW Winco now has RPA bots operating at every level of the order fulfillment process, automating the entire process from start to finish.

To learn more about JW Winco’s experience working with Impact, watch our video case study.

Watch Video Case Study:  JW Winco Delivers Fast with the Help of RPA Software

Which industries invest the most in RPA? | Amazon RPA Fulfillment Demo

Benefits of Amazon RPA Fulfillment

Of course, the most obvious benefit to implementing RPA is the operational efficiency that can be derived from it.

This is most often found in the automation of tasks that are predictable—usually involving the inputting of data.

This is true for Amazon RPA fulfillment, where organizations will see the benefits of a more efficient fulfillment processing system.

Customers will be more satisfied because they’re getting their orders completed more quickly, labor costs on menial tasks will be reduced, improving wasted expenses, and staff will be happier to not have to perform these types of jobs.

Such are the benefits of RPA that 78% of businesses that have implemented some kind of RPA system expect to significantly increase their investment over the next three years.

Aside from using RPA for order fulfillment and its various stages—like payment processing, email communication, and invoice generations, there are several other uses for the technology.

RPA can be implemented in a large number of ways, like customer interactions and dealing more effectively with queries and complaints; employee onboarding; payroll automation; storing information safely according to designated data hygiene regulations—which is very useful for those in tightly regulated industries—and analytics, which can be useful for companies that want to make better use of the data at their disposal.

Bottom Line

We hope this demo video gave you a clear idea of what the process looks like behind the scenes when it comes to how our Digital Innovation team approaches Amazon RPA fulfillment and the kinds of processes that can be automated with great effect.

As businesses look to digitize their operations to a greater degree, it’s inevitable that robotic process automation will play a big role in doing so.

In short, RPA is quicker, more reliable, and can work around the clock, making it something of a no-brainer when it comes to business automation.

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