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JW Winco Delivers Fast with the Help of RPA Software

A document management business application delivered by Impact has saved Smart Toyota both time and money. Find out how in this case study video.

Case Study

1 minute

Jun 05, 2020

As a manufacturer of standard machine parts across the US, Canada, and Mexico, JW Winco realized that their data-focused processes were holding back their business. With a sales force unable to focus on customer engagement and big projects involving platforms like Amazon, they needed faster ways to do manual tasks. Enter RPA software.

After an assessment, the Impact solutions team recommended the Kofax Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software, which provided software robots that would take over many of the data-driven processes that were slowing down order processes and keeping the sales team from focusing on their customers.

Watch the video above to hear about how Impact helped JW Winco rework their system to keep up with the 20-30 orders per customer they were receiving with the help of RPA software.

If you’re experiencing similar pain points in your organization, we’d love to help. Don’t hesitate to connect with one of our specialists to get a conversation started about how we can best support you, whether that’s with a document management business application or otherwise.

Impact is a proud member of the Kofax Preferred Services Provider Program, a distinction that comes from our commitment to becoming the #1 Kofax provider in the country. The numbers prove we are well on our way and show no signs of stopping. In the United States, we are the 10th largest Kofax partner out of 179 total partners. And globally, we are the 20th largest partner out of 453 total partners.

Our Kofax partnership opens up a world of opportunity for our clients. That’s because Impact provides robotic process automation and other solutions from Kofax through some of the most qualified experts in the industry. In fact, the Impact implementation and support team has completed over 175 Kofax certifications and 5,000+ hours of Kofax training.


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