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Infographic: 10 Ways Custom Apps Are Helping SMBs

Custom app development is more affordable and necessary than ever. Discover 10 ways it's important to SMBs in 2020.

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Sep 04, 2020

Custom app development services for SMBs in the past has often been costly and unsatisfactory with bloated costs, long development times, and final products that don’t live up to expectations. These have all been commonplace in business app development.

New innovations, however, have prompted a new surge in application development. Led by tech like low-code, the market for creating custom apps is a lot more open today than it once was.

In 2019, 37% of developers were using or planning to use low-code products. In 2020, this is expected to rise to more than 50%

Custom apps allow to businesses to target gaps in their market, serve their internal processes better, or provide a service to customers; and the popularity of them in recent years is as a result of the ease of development and benefits that can be garnered from them.

We’ve put together this infographic to show you why custom apps are important and how they’re helping SMBs today. Take a look.

10 ways custom apps are helping smbs infographic

Low-code app development platforms like Mendix are helping SMBs reduce costs, improve efficiency, and further the capabilities of their businesses by utilizing digital transformation techniques.

Learn more about our offering and discover how utilizing low-code development can help you get the software you need more quickly and without a sky-high price tag.


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