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Overcoming the Talent Shortage | Modern Business Requirements

Watch on-demand

What You’ll Learn 

  • Why talent isn’t just about people  
  • How company culture can help 
  • What marketing can do in the candidate search  
  • Where managed service providers come in 

Why Attend? 

The talent shortage is affecting an overwhelming majority of employers in the United States. Learn how to help your company keep growing despite it with our panel: 

  • Ashley Carnes, Chief Strategy Officer 
  • Kevin Meyer, Director of Research & Insights 
  • Jim Tarala, vCIO 
  • Jeremy Haberkorn, Senior Cybersecurity Engineer for Impact’s cybersecurity partner, DOT Security 

Plus, when you register to attend, you can get excited for: 

  • A holistic view of how the talent shortage hits every department 
  • Concrete steps you can take to find and retain great candidates 
  • The chance to win a free 30-minute strategy call with Impact specialists 

Use the form above to register for the webinar now! 

About Modern Business Requirements 

What does it take for the average organization to remain competitive today? That’s exactly what the Modern Business Requirements webinar series explores. Looking at all elements of modern operations, these discussions will give you a better grasp on what a forward-thinking company looks like and help you get a leg up in the market. 

If you want the most thorough overview of the problems facing companies today and how to solve them, check out every episode of Modern Business Requirements, starting by registering for Overcoming the Talent Shortage through the form on this page.

How Impact Can Help You Overcome the Talent Shortage 

There’s no need to find and onboard whole departments of employees when you work with a top-tier MSP like Impact. Get access to all of the departments a business needs to grow by partnering with us. 

Not only can we fill many of the talent shortage-based gaps ourselves, but we can also help you improve your marketing and technology strategy to help you cover the rest. 

If you’re ready to make your business grow and give your employees what they need to thrive, Impact is ready to help. 

Ready to overcome the talent shortage at your organization? Register now to watch the full webinar through the form above!