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The Difference Between IT and Cybersecurity Standards | Modern Business Requirements

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What You’ll Learn 

  • Where the gap lies in IT vs cybersecurity
  • How IT and cybersecurity work together 
  • Whether IT and cybersecurity can be handled by a single team 
  • What it takes to keep your business secure 

IT vs Cybersecurity Standards 

Historically, cybersecurity has often been handled by a business’ IT team. But is that the best practice today, and moving forward into the future? 

Join Impact experts Raymond Santoro, Director of MIT Business Development, and Jeremiah School, MIT District Manager / Partner, along with Jeff Leder, CEO of Impact’s cybersecurity partner DOT Security, as they discuss this exact topic. 

They’ll review where the often-fuzzy line between the two fields lies, and how that can affect organizations of all kinds. Are you sure your company is doing everything it can to stay protected against cyberattacks? Are you sure your staff is well-equipped to handle this crucial area of your business? 

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About the Modern Business Requirements Series 

The Difference Between IT and Cybersecurity Standards is the third episode in Impact’s Modern Business Requirements series. These webinars look at what organizations need to operate – and thrive – in the marketplace today to help companies sort out what’s actually required and what isn’t in their technology roadmap. 

With topics ranging from data collection and analysis to overcoming the talent shortage, Modern Business Requirements looks at common goals and pain points of all kinds for modern companies. 

Explore the gap in IT vs cybersecurity standards, then go check out the rest of the series! 

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