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Industry Insights: Healthcare Data Management | Webinar

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Join us live to learn: 

  • How to improve patient care with the data you already have 
  • The ways emerging tech can improve communication between healthcare providers 
  • Why the same tech is also great for back-office employees 
  • What you can do to improve your HIPAA compliance policies 

About the Healthcare Data Management webinar 

Join Impact experts Brad Rozmarynowski (Executive Account Manager/Partner) and Nathan Robinson (Executive Account Manager/Partner) for our on-demand webinar. They discuss data management in the healthcare industry and how it not only allows organizations to stay in line with modern standards but can also help them get ahead of the curve in patient care. 

Register to watch on-demand so you can: 

  • Learn how to best use the information you already have 
  • Discover how to keep sensitive data safer than ever 
  • Enter our raffle to win a $50 ClassPass giftcard

About Industry Insights 

You already know that every business needs cybersecurity, modern technology, marketing, document management, and related services. Now explore how they apply to your specific industry and organizational situation through each episode of Industry Insights. 

Learn how to stand out in your field and use the advances in business technology by comparing your company to your competitors. See what they’re doing and leverage our experts’ extensive understanding of each major industry. Check out our previous and upcoming episodes today discussing manufacturing, aerospace and defense, and more. 

Sign up now! 

Get closer to HIPAA compliance, improve your provider and back-office employee experience, and get the most of predictive analytics for patients by learning modern best practices for managing all your organization’s information. Register for Industry Insights: Healthcare Data Management today.