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Industry Insights: Components of Smart Manufacturing Webinar

Watch Impact's first Industry Insights webinar on-demand: Components of Smart Manufacturing! Our experts discuss what it involves and how to implement it.


4 minutes

Mar 14, 2022

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Watch to learn:

  • Why manufacturers need to digitize their operations now
  • The number of problems that come with not having full visibility into your operations
  • How to prepare for any sudden market disruption

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About the Components of Smart Manufacturing Webinar

Impact experts Rick Ray (Vice President of Sales, Wisconsin/Partner) and Alex Kusters (General Sales Manager/Partner) discuss common but major pain points they see among manufacturers across the country, and how the various components of smart manufacturing can handle them all.

Learn how to stay ahead of the competition and prepare for any future problems with business and factory technology.

About the Industry Insights Series

Industry Insights is a brand-new webinar series from Impact that explores how the latest innovations in business technology can affect organizations in major industries. We already know that every company needs marketing, cybersecurity, IT, and more. Now break it down by your specific industry and how these services can help you stand out in your field.

Components of Smart Manufacturing is the first episode of this new series, but stay tuned for future episodes focusing on healthcare, aerospace and defense, and more!

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Get deeper visibility into your operations, comply with relevant laws and regulations, prepare for market disruptions, and gain greater flexibility in the supply chain. Learn about the components of smart manufacturing that you can implement in your business by registering for our on-demand webinar now.


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