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The Benefits of Smart Manufacturing

Watch this video to see how a company that has implemented smart manufacturing technology reaps the benefits, and how a company that hasn’t can struggle.


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Feb 01, 2022

Watch this video to see side by side how a company that implements a digital innovation strategy and uses smart manufacturing technology can beat out their competitors who rely on manual, old-fashioned processes.

What Is Smart Manufacturing?

Smart manufacturing is the combination of software and hardware that provides greater visibility into operations and production for manufacturing businesses. It isn’t any one given piece of technology, it’s the end result of implementing a digital innovation strategy that has upgraded every aspect of your business to be “smart” rather than analog.

Organizations that enjoy the benefits of smart manufacturing may have solutions like:

  • An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Business process automation
  • Business intelligence (BI)
  • Sensors and other smart shop floor hardware

What Is a Digital Innovation Strategy?

A digital innovation strategy is the long-term plan to upgrade and streamline your organization’s technology, processes, and customer interactions. If you want the benefits of smart manufacturing in your company, it’s exactly what you’ll need to ensure you’re getting right tech and that it’s implemented in the most effective possible way.

If you’re interested developing a digital innovation strategy for your business, Impact can help. Our experts will get to know your processes inside and out so they can suggest the software that will be most effective for you, and customize it to fit your exact needs.

Learn more about smart manufacturing, particularly how it relates to helping you manage your supply chain, by reading our free eBook: What Does a Modern Supply Chain Look Like? 


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