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The Basics of Supply Chain Analytics

Discover the power of supply chain analytics with our last lean operations episode. Use these tips for more warehouse optimization.


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Sep 17, 2020

We’ve come to the final episode in our series on lean operations. Having now reviewed warehouse operations efficiency and best practices, it’s time to wrap things up with the final key subject: supply chain analytics.

In this video, Fred Barrionuevo shares four types of analytics that are crucial to getting a full picture of the supply chain aspects of your business. He’ll be defining analytics that utilize past activity and numbers, as well as predictive analytics useful for forming thoughtful business strategies.

About the Lean Operations Series

These videos offer a deep-dive into the popular topic of lean warehousing. Our Digital Innovation expert provides tips, helpful terminology and real-world examples to demystify this concept for businesses of all sizes.

This series features Fred Barrionuevo, Business Development Specialist in Chicago, IL.

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