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5 Ways to  Improve  Warehouse Operations Efficiency

 The road to improving warehouse operations doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn the 5 ways to drive efficiency in your warehouse operations.


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Sep 02, 2020

The road to improving warehouse operations doesn’t have to be difficult. A well operated warehouse utilizing digital technology reduces costs on the floor while processing orders quickly and effectively. Watch below as Fred Barrionuevo, Business Development Specialist, walks you through the 5 steps to improve warehouse operations. 

#1: Centralize Your Data in Real Time 

When data is centralized, leaders and managers can make decisions quickly while also providing visibility into what’s in transit, being manufactured or currently in inventory. Centralized data keeps suppliers and warehouse management on the same page. 


#2: Incorporate a Warehouse Management System 

Investing in a warehouse management system (WMS) with business intelligence capabilities makes a huge difference when it comes to warehouse efficiency. A WMS can integrate warehouse systems and workflows to strategically organize execution systems and increase inventory visibility. 

 Inventory management tools also allow businesses to automate essential workflows including data collection, barcoding, scanning, picking and packing, shipping, inventory tracking, and more. 


#3: Use Your Space Effectively 

Make the most of the space you have! To utilize warehouse space more effectively, warehouse leaders must first have a clear understanding of product data. Knowing which products are being shipping most often through your warehouse will be critical in determining how you can use your space effectively, including changes such as reducing aisle widths and introducing a floor plan based on data. 


#4: Address Label and Shipping Compliance 

Improving warehouse operations makes it easier to ensure shipping labels are accessible, compliance standards are maintained, and also provides the opportunity to incorporate automation into the labeling process. 


#5: Improve Your Order Fulfillment Accuracy 

The above steps ensure order fulfillment accuracy, meaning your warehouse processes are conducted without errors, deviations or defects. Eliminating shipment errors will do wonders for your customer engagement and overall satisfaction. 


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