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Palmer Johnson Enterprises Unifies Subsidiaries with Managed IT Services in Wisconsin

Palmer Johnson Enterprises brought three companies with deep roots in distribution together in 2020. Today, the company operates with four subsidiaries in nine locations across six states; with two additional presences in Canada. Having such a wide footprint across locations that once operated independently led the company to seek support from Impact’s Managed IT Services in Wisconsin.

Watch the case study video below to find out how Impact’s Managed IT services team assessed the Palmer Johnson team’s needs and helped streamline their IT operations.

“The main thing we’ve had here is having that partner to engage with, because we’re able to leverage the full depth and breadth of the Impact team … [because of the fixed-fee contract], we were able to stop worrying about whether this or that wasn’t covered and address the issues at hand and hit the ground running.” 

Thanks to Palmer Johnson Enterprises’ partnership with Impact, the team has been able to create a standardized IT system for all their offices, ready to grow at scale. The new system is also much easier to manage and maintain with the help of Impact’s Managed IT Services Wisconsin team offering support.

Check out the video to learn more about Impact’s signature assessment process that makes it possible for our experts to deliver highly customized strategies and solutions to our clients as partners.

After you’ve watched the video, take a look at our Managed IT solution to discover what kinds of IT initiatives may be supportive to your organization, whether it operates across many locations in different states like Palmer Johnson Enterprises or maintains a smaller local footprint.