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How to Implement Automation in Your Accounts Payable Workflow

Explore why implementing accounts payable workflow automation can be extraordinarily beneficial! Use it to make your employees’ work easier and more efficient.


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Apr 21, 2022

Although many people think of technology as being used to replace workers, you can have faster, more efficient, and happier accounts payable employees when you implement workflow automation. Explore how with Impact experts Jon Evans, Director of Solutions Architecture, and Bailey Kennedy, Senior Account Manager.

Accounts Payable Workflow Automation 

As Jon mentions in the video above, digital innovation is about having machines do the machine work so your people can do the “people work.” The main point of accounts payable workflow automation is that it takes over manual and repetitive tasks like scanning invoices, approval routing, archiving, and more so your employees can handle tasks that require cognitive thinking and creative problem-solving. 

All of that is in addition to the fact that it can make the entire process faster and cheaper for you. There’s no reason for collecting money to turn into a department where you spend money excessively. And it allows your staff to work on initiatives that will help your organization grow instead. 

Digital Innovation at Impact 

Get to the cutting edge of business technology with software that helps you improve operational efficiency, streamline workflows, enable new business models, and modernize core systems. Digital innovation helps you gain a leg up on the competition by using your machines to intelligently out-work them while making your staff more satisfied in their jobs. 

If you want a digital innovation strategy that works and keeps your practical business needs in mind, Impact can help. Our specialists will help get your technology up to date and then ahead of the curve with fully managed implementations giving you the highest chance of success with new systems. 

Learn more about what accounts payable workflow automation looks like and how it could benefit your organization with our infographic: Accounts Payable Automation Visualized. 


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