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Water Treatment Company VP Shares New Successes Gained with Document Management

Check out Watertech VP Jon Tiegs' review of how his business benefited from implementing document management systems, and learn why he recommends Impact.

Success Story

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Jan 20, 2020

For Vice President at Watertech of America, Inc., Jon Tiegs, implementing successful document management using DocuWare was one of the best initiatives he’s participated in since starting at the company more than 10 years ago. Check out Jon’s review of how his business benefited from implementing document management systems and learn why he recommends Impact for companies looking to go paperless and improve their cross-departmental workflows. 

Review What Document Management Systems Are

Document management systems like DocuWare make it easy to import, review, edit, search, share, and store important files for your company digitally. They can connect to email clients and even scanners to automatically detect important information and store it in a form that’s easy to access and analyze.

Instead of storing important information on paper in file cabinets, requiring extra resources and space in your office, document management systems can help you keep it all in the cloud instead. While you will always need paper copies of some documents, everyday files like invoices, supply orders, or customer information can be safely held digitally to make work faster, easier, and less prone to human error.

Implement with Impact

For most businesses, trying to implement an out-of-the-box solution for critical software that affects day-to-day operations is just setting yourself up for failure. Impact not only ensures that the installation runs smoothly, but also tailors the program to your specific needs and processes from the start and provides the support you need to handle questions or problems after it’s in place.

Our experts examine every aspect of your organization and review how you could benefit from the document management system. Then, our developers customize the software to fit those exact needs and guide the implementation and training so your employees feel comfortable and confident switching to the new system.

See how well that system works for yourself by watching Jon Tiegs’ testimonial above now! 


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