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digital innovation

What is Digital Innovation?

Digital innovation is the implementation of new technologies that improve efficiency, productivity, workflows, and customer experience. It helps businesses reduce costs and waste by automating and streamlining business processes. It is also sometimes referred to as “digital transformation” or “business applications”.

How Impact’s Digital Innovation Services Help Businesses

See how Impact helps create a long term, viable strategy to digitally transform your company, minimizing the risk of failure and maximizing the value of your tech.

Advantages of Innovating with Impact

  • Enterprise-level resource planning, content management, and process management solutions
  • Cutting edge automation and business intelligence
  • Ongoing expert support and consultations
  • Updates and new implementations to help you stay up to date with the latest business technology

Digital Innovation for Businesses

Why You Need Digital Innovation Services from Impact

Modern businesses need modern processes in order to compete and grow. Improve your customers’ experience, collect more data, and make informed decisions with the most up to date business applications technology.

What’s Included in Impact’s Suite of Business Solutions

Partnering with Impact to transform your business with technology means having the available tools to move away from outdated, inefficient, and/or paper-based business practices and toward modernizing the core areas of your organization by having access to our:

  • People: Project managers, solutions architects, developers, and business development specialists collaborate to learn everything about your system in order to plan and implement a custom-built strategy for you. 
  • Portfolio: Our team has been helping implement new technology into businesses of all sizes and industries for decades. No matter the challenges, we have the know-how and experience to deliver effective solutions that improve the ways you do business. 
  • Process: To provide the best service and make the most informed decisions, we take a long-term approach to a business’ digital transformation process. We believe that to stay effective and efficient, businesses need ongoing support and strategies that can adapt to fit changing needs and technologies. 
  • Platforms: We use top-of-the-line business technology platforms to help develop custom applications, automate your organization’s processes, bring teams together, share data and insights, and more.

Managed Process Optimization

How Digital Innovation at Impact Works

Digital innovation at Impact is designed to discover problems, flaws, or inefficient processes that are stifling productivity and deliver a solution that improves the lives of your employees and customers. 

  1. Assessment—Our experts explore your business systems and the pain points that affect your employee productivity, customer experience, sales effectiveness, and more. With this information, we can create a strategy for technology implementation and prioritize the elements that will deliver most efficiently deliver the highest number of benefits. 
  2. Development—Our team takes that strategy and selects, customizes, or builds software and hardware that will digitally transform how your business operates. 
  3. Implementation—Developers, technicians, project managers, and other Impact team members will train your employees, set up your solutions, check integrations with established programs and equipment, and ensure everything is running smoothly. 
  4. Support—Our specialists provide ongoing consultations for your business over the course of our relationship to help you meet changing goals and, when necessary, change or update your technology strategy. 

Let’s Connect About Digital Networking Solutions

Learn how Impact’s Digitial Innovation services can help your business.

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Impact’s specialists will determine the best combination, customization and integration of the below software, hardware and technology to meet your unique business needs.

Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP)

A robust business management system designed to connect every corner of your company to make it easier to establish and track data, streamline workflows, run processes, and share data across departments.

Business Process

Unite disconnected systems, streamline business activities, and optimize workflows with business process automation that benefits both end-users and customers by providing a faster, more agile experience.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence uses platforms like Kofax and Microsoft PowerBI to view, report, and process key insights and analytics so you can easily see the effectiveness of your business’ digital transformation and make regular data-informed decisions.

Robotic Process
Automation (RPA)

Utilize programmable digital bots to automate manual, monotonous, paper-based processes like entering and collecting data.

Enterprise Content

Capture, organize, and access information on-demand from anywhere through any device. Enterprise content management can move businesses from traditional, paper-based workflows to digital ones that save time, money, and materials while being more secure and efficient.

Rapid App

Our low-code platforms help us quickly and securely develop useful business apps, websites, and more with little to no code required.

Project Management

Platforms that empower teams to more effectively collaborate on tasks, projects, and more.

Intranets &

Give your team an easy, secure place to communicate and organize, share, and search for company files and data.

Impact Helps Transform Businesses

See our clients discuss how working with Impact on these solutions has helped them revolutionize the way they operate their organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Impact’s digital innovation services? Explore some of the most frequently asked ones below.

Why is digital innovation important? 

Digital innovation is important because it’s crucial for modern companies to have the technology to maintain strong, optimized business processes. An organization that has implemented an innovation strategy will have improved productivity, profits, agility, data collection, and customer experience. 

What is the definition of digital innovation? 

The definition of digital innovation is the implementation of new technologies in business processes and practices to improve efficiency, productivity, and customer experience while reducing costs and waste. It’s a long-term solution that adapts to changing needs and new innovations to ensure a business is always on the cutting edge. 

What’s a digital innovation strategy? 

A digital innovation strategy is the long-term plan of action that identifies a business’ biggest challenges and installs a series of effective, innovative solutions to solve those problems and improve core systems. It involves assessments, development, implementation, and continuous reliable support to ensure your strategy and systems are consistently up to date. 

How can I know if I need digital innovation? 

You need digital innovation if you need scalable technology, are lacking connectivity between departments or locations, struggle to manage data across multiple programs, or have employees devoting a significant amount of their time to raw data entry and/or are getting bogged down by time-consuming manual processes.

Have more questions? Contact a specialist at Impact and get answers today. 

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