Workspace as a Service

Empower employees to improve workplace collaboration with remote access

Expand the Boundaries of Workplace Collaboration with Virtual Desktop Solutions

Remote work access is increasingly in demand for employees and is particularly essential for any modern business that’s expanding and requires its systems to be equally as agile. Impact’s workspace as a service solution comes in the form of vDesk, a scalable virtual desktop that provides more freedom and flexibility for employees, and more control over the environment. Not only will your team receive desktop virtualization on all connected devices, but Impact’s expertise to determine the right tool to address your data security needs, based on your budget.

Mobilize your end users to thrive in the “work from anywhere” age; foster productivity and increase ROI with a more efficient and secure business remote access software, managed by Impact.

Benefits of a Virtual Desktop Solution

With vDesk’s workspace as a service offering, employees can access their desktop applications, documents and data through an app or web browser on any device, anywhere. This gives employees who work from home unparalleled continuity and access to the resources they need to get the job done. For executives, it means improved security with cloud-based backups of the entire infrastructure daily. It’s also an excellent solution for organizations looking to launch and manage a “Bring Your Own Device” program by granting employees access to all the information they need to work, without having to invest in the device. Introducing the vDesk environment to your system brings the following benefits:

Mobilization of your workforce Mobilization of your workforce

depreciating technology Reduced spend on expensive, depreciating technology

automated deployments Faster updates with easy, automated deployments

workplace collaboration Increased productivity and workplace collaboration

user profile management Faster onboarding, offboarding and user profile management

network downtime Decreased network downtime with cloud-hosted backups

Improved network management Improved network management and security

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vDesk Features

Expand the capabilities of your team’s productivity with a comprehensive virtual desktop solution.

Desktop App

Users will download an app on their computer, mobile device or tablet or log in via web browser. Once logged in, they’ll have access to all their applications, documents and data saved in that workspace and be ready to work.

Productivity Tools

vDesk can host Microsoft Office 365 or Azure applications, which can be easily deployed into the environment. Users on PC, Mac, Android, Google devices and more can run their workspace with cloud-ready versions of Office 365 and Google G Suite.

Cloud Deployment Options

Data is being backed up and secured in data centers across the country, reducing costs on servers, and making growth easy to scale. Impact vDesk can be deployed in the public or private cloud. We will help determine which option is right for your organization’s specific network requirements and business goals. Microsoft Azure is our public cloud partner and Nerdio is our private cloud partner.

Data Security & Continuity

All virtual desktop solutions come with support from Impact, with experts to advise on backups, threat prevention and disaster recovery. Administrators will be able to use encryption, authentication tools and remote wipes of compromised or offboarded devices, ensuring data security and compliance as more devices are introduced. If there’s ever an issue, Impact service desk specialists will be available to restore your workspace solutions with minimal downtime.

Complete Management & Support

Impact ultimately manages virtual desktop solutions to free your IT team’s time up for other tasks and to improve workplace collaboration. From the control panel we can provision new accounts, add applications to the environment, remove users and perform support functions like reset password requests. Our service desk will be available to remediate and troubleshoot issues and proactively monitor your cloud environment. Additionally, your assigned vCIO will be available to recommend vDesk strategies as your business scales.


Partner Nerdio

A leading company in IT service platforms, Nerdio provides comprehensive cloud solutions that MSPs utilize to give small and midsize businesses enterprise-level mobility and productivity on a flexible budget. Their packages allow partners to simplify deployment, price, applications, management and optimization.

Partner Microsoft

A cloud computing service built for Microsoft, Azure offers enterprise-level tools and top applications that can be run through their secure cloud platform. Their range of industry-leading productivity tools, data and security measures and more make mobile work secure and scalable for businesses and managed service providers.

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