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Managed unified communications for businesses

Unified Business Communications from Anywhere

With Microsoft Teams supported by the experts at Impact, businesses can get voice calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, scheduling, and other forms of business communications together, in one application, on any device. 

With easy installation, implementation, and scalability, unify your organization with Microsoft Teams, supported by Impact, to get a future-proof communications solution that grows with you. 

Benefits of VoIP Cloud Services and Communications


No matter if you’re growing quickly or shifting focuses, your VoIP and unified communications system can change with you, delivering exactly the functionality you need. 

Remote Work Enabling

As a fully cloud-based solution, unified communications enables your employees to work from anywhere in the world without sacrificing smooth, easy communication. 

Synchronization and Organization

Keep your business organized with synchronized notes, emails, calendars, and more using Microsoft Suite integrations. 

Reduced Hardware Costs

Remove the expenses around maintaining phone equipment and hardware. 

Easy Collaboration

Using Teams, it’s simple to schedule meetings, discuss projects, and meet virtually without having to download or install additional programs, uniting teams and making communication seamless across departments and locations. 

Remote Support

If things go wrong, you no longer need to wait for technicians to get out to your office or remote locations. With remote support, our experts can fix your problems right away from our Unified Support Operations center no matter where you are. 

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Integrated Communication Tools and Features

Microsoft Teams provides all the tools your business needs to communicate, all in one place, allowing you to easily improve collaboration across your entire organization. 

Intuitive Teams UI

Microsoft Teams offers an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface that makes it simple for anyone to fully utilize with minimal training. 

Cloud-Based Teams Phone

A cloud-based VoIP phone system removes the need for additional peripherals and programs, bringing it all together onto one application that makes it easy to access contacts, make and transfer calls, access your voicemail, and more.

Failover Service

Don’t risk losing important information; failover service from CallTower ensures that, if a call can’t be completed due to an outage or other reason, it’s auto redirected to the failover auto attendant. This keeps phone services running through outages and allows for seamless business continuity.

Third Party Integrations

Teams easily integrates with your existing CRM, CMS, and other tools to collect data and streamline communications.

VoIP Communications Technology Partners

As a communications tool, Microsoft Teams delivers everything businesses need to connect using messaging and video conferencing. With built-in scheduling and the ability to integrate with other Microsoft products (Word, Outlook, Excel, etc.), Teams is an all-inclusive solution to modern business communications. 

With CallTower, businesses get additional phone features including CallTower’s One Click Failover, a feature that automatically forwards phone numbers in the event of a Teams outage; unlimited long-distance and local calls in the US and Canada; SMS texting; CRM integration; attendant console; and an emergency alert system.

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