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Talk, Message and Conference Call from Any Device

Impact Networking partners with Dialpad, a top-rated and affordable VoIP phone system for small businesses, to bring affordable cloud-based communications solutions to clients. Users can make phone calls, message and set up conference calls through the app from any of their devices, whether it be desktop, mobile or tablet, with no extra phones required.

The application is easy to install and scalable as the business grows, making communications more productive, efficient and customer-friendly for companies of any size. This VoIP phone system centralizes internal and customer communication, utilizing apps hosted on Google-distributed cloud architecture to improve customer experiences while serving as a tool for service and sales engagement and learning.

Benefits of Using a Cloud-Hosted VoIP Platform

scalability and deployment Rapid scalability and deployment

productivity suites Increased organization through synchronized notes, emails and calendars, along with integration with the Microsoft and Google productivity suites

Google Cloud Improved security and backup options with Google Cloud

Reduced hardware spend Reduced hardware spend

end-user monitoring More efficient onboarding processes and end-user monitoring

machine-learning Better decision making and awareness on customer calls with machine-learning for customer service and sales

phone technology Reduced reliance on traditional phone technology

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A Collection of Cloud-Based Voice & Communication Apps

The Dialpad platform improves key communication functions across the entire organization. All users in an organization can utilize apps for daily communications and web conferencing, while sales and support functions can leverage specific AI-based features tailored specifically to their departments.

Cloud-Based Business Phone System

The Dialpad Talk app allows users to perform all of the basic functions, including phone, voice, video and messaging, from any device through an app that can be downloaded on a PC/Mac, tablet or mobile device.

  • Sync devices to access the app anywhere, even mid-call
  • Carry over phone numbers from previous carriers
  • Actual intelligence with Voice AI, which delivers real-time insights based on natural language processing
  • Does not require a physical desk phone

For those that still want a physical desk phone, Dialpad fully integrates with select phones from Polycom and Obihai.

Web Conferencing System

Dialpad’s conference app guarantees that cross-departmental collaboration between teams across cities, states, and even the globe will be an efficient experience. Unlike other conferencing platforms, callers from outside your organization can join the conference through a web browser; no apps or downloads required. Participants can share documents and work on content right within the app. No matter where business gets done, your web conference participants are never out of reach with local dial-in numbers for over 60 countries.

Support – Inbound Call Center

Provide customer champions with tools that simplify identifying and addressing customer needs as quickly as possible with the Support app. It combines traditional coaching options with AI technology to provide service agents with real-time and post-call feedback. Standard activities such as call routing and live monitoring are included, alongside integration with other business apps to save call notes, creating an overall more productive call process.

AI technology offers:

  • Customer feedback: Increase awareness of the tone of calls and react faster with real-time sentiment that displays when a supervisor’s attention is needed
  • Automatic responses: AI populates the right answers to your toughest questions with real-time keyword detection powered by voice intelligence
  • Powerful reporting: Dialpad offers real-time dashboards and service-level alerts for every inbound call center, plus exportable analytics on call volumes

Sell – Intelligent Sales Dialer

Support on calls shouldn’t just be reserved for customer service agents. Watch your sales numbers increase by implementing the Sell app. Reps on the move can switch device mid-call, integrate their conversation notes into their CRM platforms and improve their pitches with Dialpad’s sales coaching tool. With insights into customer trends, AI will also respond with recommendations for creating positive calls more likely to end in a sale.

Additional Features

Reduce time spent searching for reference materials and opening apps during calls with native integrations with third-party tools and technology

Microsoft and G Suite productivity platforms integration – Share data and documents within the platform and add calendars, documents and emails into Dialpad

Connect other internal platforms, including Salesforce and LinkedIn, to ensure consistency in logging activities and calls throughout your business processes.

Unlike traditional phone systems that don’t offer functionality outside of listening in or manually recording calls, with Dialpad, calls are supported with VoiceAI, technology that empowers your sales and service staff with machine learning.

Your team will receive:

  • CRM integration for saved conversations and increased productivity post-call
  • Conversation trends based off of natural-language patterns
  • Analytics and insights to create strong pitches and sales strategies
  • AI technology support for faster problem resolution

The core Dialpad functionality, including call-routing logic and data storage, is built on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). As one of the most advanced cloud platforms, this empowers the Dialpad platform with scalability, reliability, security, and low-latency with weekly updates, zero downtime and instant provisioning in 60+ countries. Dialpad also leverages a global network of data centers just to deliver the media (voice, media, messaging) to its users– this “split-cloud” means HD audio, high availability and low latency.


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Dialpad’s mission is to make business communications great while remaining one of the more affordable VoIP phone systems. Built on the Google Cloud Platform for unmatched security, reliability and scale, Dialpad’s product suite covers the full range of modern business communications needs with DialpadTalk, DialpadSell, DialpadSupport and UberConference, all powered by Voice Intelligence (ViTM). Through smart engineering, beautiful design, awesome customer support, and high energy sales and marketing teams, Dialpad Communications brings simplicity to the professional phone experience with features that make users most productive, when and where we work best.

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