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All-inclusive managed conference room solutions for a modern workforce

Reliable, Easy-to-Use AV Tech and Support for Better Meetings 

Now more than ever, AV as a service (AVaaS) offerings are becoming standard as audio-visual technology connects businesses through presentations, video conferencing, and beyond. To ensure productive and efficient virtual and in-person meetings, talks, and trainings, businesses need audio and visual tools to work reliably. 

Properly operating equipment and software is now the expectation, and meetings or deals derailed due to malfunctions can cost organizations more than time. With over 20 years of experience, Impact has curated a selection of the best tools and has specialists ready to install, manage, and maintain innovative new AV technology so it runs smoothly all the time. 

Benefits of AV as a Service Solutions

Whether it’s critical sales meetings or internal training, AV technology plays a key role in effective communications. AVaaS removes frustrating roadblocks like in-and-out audio or fuzzy video that most internal IT teams aren’t equipped to handle. With our expertise and the latest tools, you can give every meeting noise cancelling clear audio, crisp wireless video sharing, audio tracking cameras, and simpler ways for everyone to collaborate no matter where they are. 

With AV as a service from Impact, we pick hardware solutions based on a comprehensive assessment of your space, install the tech ourselves, and provide ongoing management and support so that your technology never jeopardizes important deals, meetings, and communications. 

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AV as a Service Features

Bring your AV up to modern standards. Explore the capabilities of Impact’s AV as a Service solution. 

Managed Conference Room Solutions

Revamp your conference room with reliable, easy-to-use audio and video technology that makes for more productive meetings by simplifying the way you share presentations, connect devices, and communicate with remote teams. Our experts will assess your space and organizational needs to deliver the right tools and support. 

Cloud Control and Collaboration 

As with most modern business technology, AV hardware is more connected than ever. With cloud-based innovations, we’re able to give you more control over your meetings from anywhere with any connected iOS or other supported devices. Additionally, these cloud capabilities allow Impact’s specialists to remotely access your system for support when needed. 

Top-of-the-Line AV Equipment Installation 

With so many people becoming more comfortable with video conferencing, we’ve all come to expect more from equipment. Partners like LG, Kramer, Microsoft, and Poly, allow us to build solutions that meet your needs and exceed expectations. 

Complete Management and Support 

Our service doesn’t stop after installing your hardware. We provide the service and support you need to ensure that it doesn’t get in the way of important meetings. 


Kramer Logo and brand name.

Kramer’s cloud-based technology makes controlling meetings easy from anywhere with any device connected to the internet with high-quality and reliable sound and video and presentation tools with switching and scaling capabilities.

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Having clear visuals helps establish virtual connections and makes for easier-to-follow and more productive meetings. Whether it’s displaying presentations, reports, videos, or talking to remote team members, LG provides businesses with the vibrant visuals they need to succeed.  

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The Microsoft Suite of software—including Microsoft Teams—helps schedule meetings and take them from any connected device. Additionally, the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 elevates presentations with interactive collaboration tools. 

Poly Logo

With teams working a hybrid schedule or remotely, companies need dependable video conferencing. Poly produces the best webcams, speakers, microphones, and combined video conferencing technologies that modern businesses rely on.

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This is the only software platform you need to drive engagement, productivity, and sales with digital signage.  Securely display dashboards, connect to 70+ apps, and live broadcast it all to every available screen. 

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