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In today’s digital world, employees need information in real time to get their tasks done fast. Many companies are turning to an intelligent intranet to develop successful collaboration in the workplace for information gathering and sharing, complete with interactive tools like team chat, file collaboration, bots and serious search functions, to reach unprecedented workplace productivity. Our intranet services and collaboration solutions are designed to meet the needs of all businesses by building on a platform that is flexible and extensible. This allows us to partner with a full range of businesses; whether they want to start simple, or need a more complex platform leveraging multiple integrations, dynamic content and personalization. We leverage SharePoint as the foundation of our collaboration solution, and depending on the business objective, will use LiveTiles to enhance SharePoint with a UI layer, bot integrations, advanced analytics capabilities and more.

Start realizing the benefits of improving your business communications today with intranet services and collaboration tools from Impact Networking.

Benefits of Impact’s Intelligent Intranet and Collaboration Solution

We’re all about workplace productivity and a streamlined customer experience. Improving your internal communication tools allows you to cover both fields. By leveraging an intranet, you can eliminate data and communication silos between departments, create a central hub where employees can share best practices, access essential documents, collaborate and converse. With immediate access to relevant information and materials, sales and customer service employees will be able to serve their customers better and faster, and executives can help boost employee engagement with a central place to share company news, updates, and recognition with the entire organization. Impact leverages feature-rich, low-code development platforms to build intelligent intranets, which means faster development and delivery, the ability to make quick changes and updates in minutes not hours, and the ability to build upon the platform continuously as your goals change.

Other benefits of our intelligent intranet and collaboration services include:

Increase workplace Increase workplace productivity for your teams

business communication Improve business communication

Collaborate on documents Collaborate on documents in real-time

company information Quicker and better access and organization of company information

critical documentation Access to critical documentation on-demand, from any device

Successful collaboration Successful collaboration in the workplace

commenting features Foster a community of employees with interactive chat and commenting features

intuitive low-code tools Easily update and evolve with the platform leveraging intuitive low-code tools

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Intelligent Intranet Features

Design & Content Consulting

The power of an intranet lies in the features and information are included, and how it’s organized. We can help with both! At the beginning of any engagement, before development begins, we’ll have an in-depth conversation about departmental structure, current organization and distribution of information and what you’re hoping to accomplish. Based on that, we can tap into our creative team and provide direction on content organization, UX/UI and functional requirements for your team to review. Once we all agree, we’ll start to build.

Share & Manage Content

SharePoint makes storing, accessing and sharing of documents simple. As a cloud-based solution, these files are automatically saved and accessible on any device through a web browser. SharePoint has a deep integration with the Microsoft Office suite, meaning that users can open and edit documents without leaving the intranet. Plus, it allows for better management of content with insights into all version and edit history as well as who has collaborated on a specific document, allowing for successful collaboration in the workplace.

Powerful Search Capabilities

No more sifting through multiple folders or locations — finding the information you need is as quick as running a search. Recent documents viewed or edited are organized into a handy list at the top of your page, and type-ahead functionality makes it easier to find files without having to key in the exact file name.

Intelligent Directory

Maintaining an employee directory can be tough, especially for large organizations that manually update new hires, employee turnover and changes to contact information. With LiveTiles Intelligent directory feature, a bot is programmed to identify incorrect or missing information and then reaches out to that individual to update their information in the system, minimizing the need for manual intervention.

Workflow Automation & Bots

SharePoint lists behave like a simple database that allows users to organize and present data in a way that employees can use and understand. Their power comes from the ability to integrate with Microsoft Flow and PowerApps. With Microsoft Flow, employees can use their list data to trigger a workflow, sync it with another application, and more. With PowerApps, take that data and easily build a user-friendly interface over it. For example, you can create an employee directory app that your organization can use to look up employee information, which would reference a SharePoint list database. With LiveTiles, we can configure bots and personal assistants that can respond to questions, find information and even complete tasks – freeing up time on the user’s end; improving workplace productivity

Integrations – Build an Entire System

As our intranets are built on the SharePoint platform, they natively connect with all the Microsoft Office 365 apps, plus other Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP and the Power Platform. On top of that, LiveTiles offers integration points with additional CRMs, Google Drive, Dropbox and more. Integrating these systems helps to ensure version control and information consistencies across platforms, reducing room for errors or referencing outdated materials.

User Analytics

We believe continuous feedback is what leads to the best possible product. That same belief extends to your intranet and all the components on it. Through LiveTiles, track user behavior and analytics across all your site pages and page components. Get a better idea of what’s performing and what’s not with analytics on which features, content and functionality are being used and how often.


Partner Microsoft

A leader in modern technology producing the solutions businesses across the globe relies on. Their growing list of software, licenses, hardware and services fit the needs of growing and establishes companies alike, with their suite of applications serving as a basis to increase productivity and boost modern communication in the workplace.

Partner Live Tiles

LiveTiles is defining the market for the intelligent workplace by giving developers and business users tools to easily create dashboards, employee portals, and corporate intranets that can be further enhanced by artificial intelligence and analytics features.

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