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Make information an asset with an enterprise content management model

Optimize Your Workflow with Centralized Data Organization

In the fast-paced, digitized business world, the ability to capture, organize and access information on-demand is a must. Moving from a paper-based workflow to a digital one can lead to significant organizational improvements related to savings of time and materials and increased security and productivity; and an enterprise content management model can help you do it. Enterprise content management (ECM) is an integrated software platform consisting of document management and workflow automation tools that helps organizations gain efficiencies, visibility and control over their document-driven processes. The platform works by reading and structuring the information on document at the point of capture, and intelligently indexing it. The enriched documents are then stored in a central location in the ECM platform, which has tools that make it easier than ever for users to find, store and manage documents and related processes.

With an enterprise content management model from Impact, enjoy an optimized digital workflow that lets you take full advantage of your data to seize opportunities and a competitive edge.

Benefits of Impact’s Enterprise Content Management Solution

Strong enterprise content management delivers a holistic model which refines and amplifies business processes on every level. The Impact team works with strategies and methods developed from years of working closely alongside numerous types of businesses to develop better workflows. From conception to execution, our deliverables are informed by in-depth assessments, industry experience and the ability to create solutions that address your business’s unique document challenges. The solution also works alongside Impact’s other services, like ERP and IT solutions, by creating a unified environment to access your business information securely. By applying enterprise content management, your company benefits from:

productivity through automation Enhanced user productivity through automation

Reduction of time Reduction of time spent on manual labor to manage information

end-to-end security Better end-to-end security for sensitive data

Less reliance Less reliance on hardcopy documents that slow down processes

Streamlined integration Streamlined integration between systems, communications and business processes

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Common Document-Driven Processes

Common Document-Driven Processes

An enterprise content management platform is ideal for processes that are heavily tied to documents. We have honed our experience with many implementations with the following processes.

  • HR and employee management
  • Accounts payable
  • Invoice/order processing
  • Accounts receivable
  • Sales and marketing

Enterprise Content Management Features

Impact’s content management system includes functions from capture to retrieval to give users access to the information and tools they need to perform business critical activities at optimal levels.

Collect & Organize Information

One of the core features of our ECM solution is the ability to read and identify data off of documents in nearly any format and index it. Upon import into the platform, a document is read using the Intelligent Indexing feature to identify key pieces of information. The system can be programmed to find and enter information like a customer’s name or invoice number into the correct database field, eliminating the need to manually key in that information. With that data now structured and stored in the database, it can easily be exported and or integrated into another system – like a company’s ERP or CRM system.

Access, Display & Edit Content

With documents imported and indexed into one central location, it’s much easier for users to find the documents that they’re searching for on demand. Flexible searching capabilities allows users to type in any keyword and get results from the document content or the indexed data.

The platform also makes it easier to collaborate and work with other departments and share information right from the platform. It includes tools to edit, add notes or stamp approvals on documents, and sharing capabilities that make it easier to provide context to coworkers and get documents processed through an organization as quick as possible.

Process Documents & Control Workflows

Workflow tools are included in the platform to help streamline some of the common repeatable processes throughout your organization. The Impact implementation team will observe your existing workflow, and configure if/then workflows and rules to route documents to the right people, fast. The platform can also help you streamline approval and sign-off workflows while also giving visibility to where a document currently is in the process.

Security & Compliance

Our enterprise content management platform has a variety of built-in security features in order to keep data protected and help our users stay compliant. User-level access restrictions ensure that only authorized users have access to confidential information. Version control and traceability features help know who and when information was modified. Plus, advanced backup tools ensure that information is protected against loss.

What’s Included in Impact’s ECM Solution?

document-driven workflows A full assessment of current document-driven workflows

specific business needs Customization options to address specific business needs

ERP planning Expert advice on product integrations, ERP planning and additional services

support and maintenance 2-hour callback agreement for support and maintenance

experienced, certified professionals Guidance on ECM best practices from experienced, certified professionals

business growth goals Experts dedicated to your long-term business growth goals

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More than 12 Years of Experience in Implementing ECM

Our commitment to delivering superior ECM solutions has allowed us to become the first partner to achieve the DocuWare Diamond Club and Platinum Partner award for an unmatched 12 years in a row. As a result, we have significant experience with this product which few – if any – other office productivity solutions providers can match. When you work with us, you’ll enjoy access to experts who know DocuWare’s product better than almost anyone else in the industry.


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