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As businesses start deploying new technologies, strategies and processes, it’s essential to have tools and procedures in place to measure their real impact. We offer two business analytics and business intelligence solutions along with support in order to help our clients derive actionable insights on business performance. The first is Microsoft PowerBI, an incredibly open and flexible platform that can turn any data source into visualizations for easy viewing and reporting. The other is Kofax Insight, a process analytics and business intelligence platform used to measure operational efficiency and process effectiveness. These help business leaders get a handle on how particular processes are affecting customer metrics like satisfaction and retention, and measure capabilities of internal processes in order to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for automation and improvements.

A combination of these tools, along with our guidance, helps clients track and evaluate their business goals against business benchmarks and defined KPIs, the ROI of their business investments and understand where they should be focusing their time, resources and attention moving forward.

Benefits of Business Intelligence with the Impact Team

Analytics tools are only as useful as the data that powers it. It’s important that the data is accurate and complete. It’s a natural extension for us, who already have deep expertise in data modeling and data integrations, to help our clients take it a step further and implement business analytics and business intelligence solutions to analyze their data and processes. Helping you to get your data in order first is an important part of process improvement that ensures reports accurately represent your business. We take a holistic look at the data in your organization and help with integrating data sources, structuring, organizing and appending data attributes from different systems, to get a more complete and accurate view of what’s happening across the organization.

The benefits of working with Impact Networking are:

business metrics We’ll help you define and focus on what KPIs and business metrics to track

intelligence tool We can guide the data integration into your business intelligence tool

applications We know how your data is structured already – increasing our time to set up the speed of integration and setup of applications

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Technology We Use


Insights for Anything

Microsoft Power BI is a flexible data visualization, analytics and reporting platform that can transform nearly any type of data into powerful insights for you and your team. It’s recognized as one of the best platforms in the business, being named a Gartner magic quadrant leader among analytics and business intelligence platforms.

With robust integration capabilities and data connectors with third-party sources, it’s easy to get data into the tool. As expected, all Microsoft products are natively integrated, meaning users can pull in data from Microsoft Azure, Business Central, Office 365, SharePoint, Excel and the Power Platform. Along with Microsoft products, there are hundreds of other data source options from other online programs like Salesforce, Google Analytics, Facebook or from txt/CSV files, SQL databases, and more.

With this product, users can:

  • Get quick insights into their data with compelling data visualizations
  • Dig deeper into data with interactive drill-down capabilities
  • Embed the visualizations in web pages, apps or share as dashboards
  • Integrate with Microsoft PowerApps and Flow to create automated workflows and business applications
  • Create feature-rich reports that are easy to share across the organization and update in real-time

Kofax Insight

Operational and Process Analytics

Kofax Insight has a more focused use case centered on delivering operational and process analytics to measure process efficiency and effectiveness. As businesses push to be more agile and deploy new technologies, it’s essential to measure how these systems and processes are affecting business, and to ensure that every step in the process is compliant with data regulations.

With this product, users can:

  • Get visibility into processes by bringing together data from multiple sources and measuring end-to-end processes
  • Integrate and transform data without third-party tools
  • Track business performance against defined benchmarks or KPIs
  • Set up dashboards and reports with the user-friendly drag and drop analytics interface
  • Combine with Kofax RPA to automate the acquisition and capture of additional data sources

What Can You Track with Our Intelligence Tools?

Financial KPIs – Business revenue, growth and profits

Customer KPIs – Customer satisfaction metrics, account metrics, customer churn

Sales and Marketing KPIs – Opportunities won, closed and attribution channels

Operational KPIs – Process analytics, customer service analytics and support

Network KPIs – Integrated network tools, service alerts and issues

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Find out more about how our business analytics and business
intelligence solutions can benefit your business.

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